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Say, what is "time"?

Is it the present of existence? But then it would make the past a reminiscence and the future non-existent.

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Hi~ this is Kii, yours truly.
I'm always tired and always sleepy. Apologies beforehand, I think I might be narcoleptic.

Peer Reviews

It's just my opinion

PROMPT: Your View

I can relate and agree with many of these given opinions and I would love to hear more of these in detail.

over 1 year


PROMPT: Animal Alter-Ego

Some advice from me, you can take it with a grain of salt if you wish, but I feel like this piece needs more imagery and description of a "canary". You described the voice and the wings, but what other attributes can you add as well? Overall, good job! I will love to see more of your works in the future.

over 1 year

Recipe For A Balanced Life

PROMPT: Food for the Soul

The final note that you added for this piece was very sweet and nice. Amazing work keep it up!

over 1 year

Lemon drizzle

PROMPT: Food for the Soul


Bubble Bread

PROMPT: Food for the Soul

I really enjoyed reading this amazing piece! Some additional things and advice from me is to add more descriptive details. I think by adding more description such as sensory details it'll definitely make the imagery of your piece pop.

over 1 year