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I'm a 13 year old girl, who loves to write. I apologize is anything doesn't flow with the rest of what I am writing. I'm trying though. I think I'm a good writer, but I'll let you decide that. XD

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Sorry if my work doesn't "flow" with its self.

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So, I did something. Hehe. I made another account on WTW. Can you guess which one it is? Haha, you got it (Even if you didn’t get it just play along) it is @Shining_Star. I really wanted a fresh start because there are just some stuff on this account that I don’t love. So I made one that is only poetry. I will still keep this account for all of my nonpoetry writing (Btw I do realize that nonpoetry isn’t a word so don’t come after me.) I just have been really into poetry lately so I wanted to focus on it. They are all love poems, so far, so if you are into that stuff then you should check it out. If you don’t want to follow my other account, that is perfectly fine! I don’t want you to think that because you are following this account that I expect you to follow that account. I just wanted a...


You avoid meeting his gaze,
But you wish he would meet yours.
You wish he would forget what you did,
But you wish he would remember you.

You wish you could reverse time,
But you know you would do the same thing.
You know you did it out of true love,
But you also regret it.

You did it to make your life better,
But you ended up making it worse.
You know you wouldn't change what you did,
But you wish he changed what he did.

Your love is one-sided,
But you wish it were two.
You love him with all your heart,
But he doesn't love you.

You fell for him,
But he didn't want you to.
You need him.
But he wants to live without you.

You blush every time you see him,
But he doesn't even notice you.
You want him to regret what he did,
But he doesn't even remember it.

You pretend to forget...


So my life got really busy so I haven’t posted lately and I didn’t announce the winners like I said I would!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!! I’ll try and do it as soon as possible!!!! And I’ll try to work more on my novel!!

Competition Time!!

       Hey guys. I’m gonna go my first competition. I broke my finger so writing is hard, but reading is fine. So why not. I want to do something different. I want you all to write a story based on what you think you acted like as a kid. I’m talking like when you were pretty young. The oldest you could be is 6. The youngest is up to you. Try thinking of things that you think you did as a kid. If you know some, then put them in there. The word limit is 500 - 4000 If you want to do this competition you must leave a comment saying you are going to enter. Once you are done writing it, enter the link in another comment. The due date is: December 30!! You can submit before that too.

The winner will get a follow and a shoutout on my home page!

Second place will...


I can do peer reviews for anyone that needs them! I’m bored so yeah. Bye there’s a catch. If I peer review your thing, then can you peer review my thing. Please peer review either “Chapter One of Fallin’” or “Chaptet Two of Fallin’”. If you do peer review them, then I will peer review one of your pieces. Thank you!

Chapter Two Of Fallin'

    “This is 9-1-1, what is your emergency?”
    “My family and I got in a car crash. I don’t know where we are, or exactly what happened. My parents seem to be unconscious. Can you please help us?”
    “Okay Hun. Be patient with us.. Does your car look smokey?”
    I look around. “No.”
    “Okay. Don’t move. Stay there until the police come.”
    “Thank you.” The person on the other side of the phone hangs up. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. My legs are pinned against what I assume is the front seat. I can’t look down enough to see exactly what it is. My parents seem to be out cold. I can faintly hear them breathing. I think only the passenger parts of the car were hit. That means, if I’m right, that all my stuff is safe. Some probably broke when we started rolling. I really hope my art supplies are...

Compass #writerswords

The Compass Of Love:

A compass is said to always point in the right direction,
My compass pointed in the wrong direction.
My compass is my heart.
It led me to a guy,
The wrong guy.

My compass is broken,
It isn't fixable.
It won't point in the right direction.
It points at him,
It draws me to him.

It drew me too close,
I got pushed away.
Yet, my compass still points to him.
I am unable to get away,
I am orbiting around him.

It points to him,
Never changing its aim.
I am drawn to him.
I want to stop playing this game,
My compass wants me to stay.

A compass is meant to point where you want it to go,
Mine is pointing where i don't want it to go.
It points in the wrong direction.
My compass is broken,
It points to him.

It Can Be Good. Or Very Bad.

Time is something you never get back.
Do use it wisely.
It can be good.
Or very bad.

Your life is something you’ll never get back.
Make wise choices.
Your choices can be good.
Or very bad.

Friendship is something you might never get back.
Use it wisely.
It can be good.
Or very bad.

Memories are things you’ll never get back.
So don’t forget.
They can be good.
Or very bad.

Guilt is something you will always get back.
So make wise choice.
Guilt can’t be good.
Only very bad. 

I Thank You For Trying To Survive!

    All around the world, people are dying. People are starving, living in really bad conditions, and a lot are struggling to survive. A lot of us, though, have money, are healthy, and are successful in life. My family has money and my family is in a really good position. Others, are not as lucky. People are famous for having a lot of money. The people who don't have as much, are frowned upon. I just want to try and tell them thank you. Thank you for trying to keep moving forward. Every day might be a struggle, but if you keep trying things might get better.  Thank you for trying. Thank you for living. Thank you for doing things others couldn't even dream of. I just want to thank you.

Odd One Out

    Do you ever feel like you don't belong. Like you don't fit in. Well, that's how I feel sometimes. My friends all have issues and times get rough. I had an issue, but I managed to get over it. I'm happy I got over it, but having it made me feel like it finally fit in. Now that I don't have it, I... I just feel like I don't belong. I feel like, because I don't have problems, that I am odd and different. I mean I am different, but I mean different in a bad way. I'm the kinda person who tries to fix people's issues. And if I can't fix them, then I try to give them tips. But I can't give them tips if I don't know how it feels. I hate it. It kills me inside. So if i act weird when someone else is having a bad time, it's because I want to...

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     I have reached ten followers! Thank you all so much for following me and liking my posts! Thank you to everyone who follows me. Go check each other out!

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Thank you all so much!

Chapter One Of Fallin'

    My goodbyes are about to come. We finished packing all of my boxes. My room looks so empty; it looks so lonely and plain. I watch as all the memories of me in this room flash through my head. I feel like a true artist, repainting the images of my childhood in my head. Some of them are days from before my art. When my life seemed to be perfect. No struggles, no rush, no problems. If only that was still possible. I snap back into reality. I am going to Rhode Island School of Design because of their art program. I’ve been pursuing art for a long time now, and my parents think it’ll be good for me if I continue to do so.. I love art, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like something is missing. I think going to the Islands might help me find that missing part of myself. There is only one problem: the...

Please Read!

    So here's the deal. I posted the first chapter of Fallin' and only three people have seen it. I tried to be patient, but it has been like over two weeks and still only three people saw this. If you are seeing this now, please go over there and read it and maybe do a peer review. I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but I spent forever writing it, trying to make it enjoyable,  and only three people have seen it. Please please please show it some love. Thank you.


It is sunny,
For me it’s dark.

It is warm,
I am cold.

The day is joyful,
My family are saddened.

The birds are singing,
I can’t make a sound.

I am on a hard surface,
I feel like I’m falling.

There is no noise,
I am screaming.

My family are here,
I’m not with them.

They are together,
I am alone.

They are free,
I am trapped.

They are well,
I am sick.

They are alive,
I am not.

You Must Fight!

Depression steals away your life,
It traps you until you give up.
It hits you hard like a knife,
It makes you want to curl into a lump. 

It takes control,
Not letting go.
It takes away your soul,
If you don’t stop it, it’ll grow.

It’s like you’re in someone else’s body,
Seeing through their eyes.
Watching what they’re doing to everybody,
You are paralyzed.

When people ask if you’re okay,
Most would say they’re fine.
They best thing to say,
Is that you’re truly dying inside.

Ask someone for help,
Even if you don’t want to.
You just need to be helped,
They will help you get through.

If you don’t even try,
Then you will continue to cry.
Tears in all your eyes,
For then you will still be dead inside.

You must fight back,
Fight for your life.
Stop letting it make you sad,
Get control over your life.

Getting over it,
Is a very hard...

Trapped In Love

Love is not something you learn, 
It is something you have to earn.
When someone hands you their heart,
You should give them yours in return.

Love is something that is hard to deny,
If someone doesn't love you back most of us would cry.
It is harder to love someone who doesn't want you back,
Because then you get too attached.

Love is a powerful thing none of us could ever control.
Trying to stop it would be very bad,
For it would make you fall back.
Falling even harder for that one love,
For that one person who you once did trust.

Falling in love can be beautiful,
Just don't let it make you do something you'll regret.
Once you find that special someone,
It can make your life a lot of fun.

I fell in love and it has me trapped,
Always and forever attached.
I gave them my heart,
And they never gave theirs back.


Reunion #wattlebird

                                   In The Past, Late 1956
    It was a cold and rainy day. The best and worst weather for a funeral. It had that sweet smell of fresh rain. Then again, it also smelt like dead people. Our little graveyard wasn't that bad looking or smelling. Exept for when you have an open cascet funeral.
    She looks so sweet when she is dead. Almost as if while she is sleeping there is an infinite good, happy, and beautiful dream going on. Although she looks this sweet, I wish she were still alive; sometimes. She was nice, before she turned on everyone she once loved and started a masicure of her own. Her life was really only beginning, as a brainless freak out for revenge. The strange thing is, no one knows why she turned down that road. She would help...

Chapter One Of Secrets

    The medow was soft against my skin. Oliver was laying next to me. His body heat spreading to mine. We shared everything with each other. Our thoughts, our feelings, and our secrets. I had too many secrets though. But I still shared every one with him. We were best friends.
    For me, we were more. I didn't know if he felt the same way. I didn't want to risk the relationship we had together. He was so gorgeous. His body shaped perfectly. His beautiful golden brown hair. His soft smooth skin. He was so tough, but sweet and gentle to me. I loved him with everything I had. I so badly wanted something to happen between us. I wanted to be more. To have more with him. To be his partner, his whole life, his lover.
    There would be only one problem if we got together. My secret. My problem. My whole purpose for living. That would stand...