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I want to shed tears in the way it washes over you like a wave seeking solace. I want to succumb to the depths of the ocean and grab at handfuls of emptiness just to feel something worth feeling. I want to submerge, my last breath spilling out like disappearing ballads. And gosh I'm tearing along the seams.

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Bleeding Words

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I punctured my skin with ballpoint pins, ink seeking solace within my blood, until the two intertwined and became one. When I bled, letters fell out and spilled across the expanse of the world, tints of red shifting in the microscopic letters of my eternal being. I lost myself in the reds and blacks of letters and words. And when I returned, I was an inkling of a writer. 
    The stars swam with such delight, staring down...

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