United States of America

My name is Quinn
She/her, nanoer (artfullylost there too), 15
I love circus stuff (like unicycling and tightrope), traveling, exploring, hiking, backpacking, camping, dancing, and rock climbing. And road trips. Road trips are the best.

Published Work

Downward Pressure #Experience

Mule fat on buckeye
Falling into the rhythm
Increasing downward pressure
The board begins to smoke
It stings my eyes and throat
The spindle rolls between my hands
Starting to form blisters

Increasing downward pressure
Black dust begins to fall
Getting somewhat closer
Yet it still seems so far off

Increasing downward pressure 
And falling on the dust
A small orange glow 
A little coal, at last

The coal goes into
This bundle of dry grass
It starts to smoke
Burning my lungs
Blow that flame to life

A Trillion Trees


Endless forest
Trees for miles around
The redwood bark
A soft reddish brown

Running like thieves
The sounds of youthful thrill
Are muffled by the leaves
Blanketing the ground

Burnt sienna snow
Pillars proud and tall
With many hopeful dreams
The dryads start to call