Hi, I'm Madeleine :) I'm thirteen, I love dogs, reading, watching Netflix and eating chocolate. My passion is writing and my dream is to become a famous author and screenwriter. Also to have lots of dogs, preferably Boston terriers.

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#nonhumancomp Deadline Extended

Hi all, 

I've decided to extend my contest's deadline to the end of November to give people a bit more time to submit entries if they want. Thanks to the people who've already entered :)

Here is the link to original post:

New Competition!

Hello, writers! 

For some reason, I just felt like doing a competition. I probably won't get any entries, but, anyway, here it is...

So, looking at recent posts, I've seen that there's not a lot of short stories, which is why this a short story competition! Yay! (Or nay, that's still okay). See what I did there? 

Never mind, let's continue on with this. Here are the rules:

- Write a short story (500 words maximum) with a protagonist that is not human. They can be an animal, a fantasy being, an alien, whatever floats your boat. Just not human.

- Other than that, your writing is completely free! Write in whichever time period (past, present, future) you want, whichever place (or planet) you want - it absolutely doesn't have to be real, etc. 

- Entries open immediately and close 11:59 pm on October 14th (my time). It would be better if you could submit your story ASAP, due to...



You will never see anything unless you are brave enough to look. 

Fire and Flame

It started long ago, 
But now it has come to a new low. 
What once was green, where once children played,
Is now engulfed by the fire and the flame.
Where once was friendship and love, 
There is hatred and distrust, and no hope comes from above.
Because it has been swallowed, in an inferno of fear and blame,
By the fire and the flame.
Where once there was life and prosperity, 
There is nothing but death and animosity. 
All this is because of the deathly reign
Of the fire and the flame.
The closest of friends turn on each other,
Suspicious and fearful, even of their brothers. 
They breathe in the smoke, the idea that has risen to fame, 
The smoke, the poison that comes from the fire and the flame. 
Where once there was a happy family filling all the seats at the table,
A sombre air of bereavement surrounds them, for now they are not able,