Anish Aradhey

United States

Peer Reviews

Bad Dad Book Review!

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

I hope this helps you take your book review to the next level! Make sure to revisit the competition guidelines if you have any questions. It was a joy reviewing your work!

about 2 months

A Call of Change For the Highland Farmers From Cordillera Of Philippines

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2020

Your ideas and arguments, as well as your evidence, are crystal clear, but they are sometimes interrupted by small grammatical or spelling mistakes. Try reading through your piece while looking specifically for these; fixing these minor errors will improve the flow of your writing and allow your ideas to shine through. Finally, best of luck writing! It has been a honor reviewing your work, and I can't wait to see how your final piece turns out!

12 months


PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2019

Remember that these comments are mere suggestions - you have complete control over your writing piece! That being said, I hope that these comments are helpful and truly help your writing bloom! Happy writing!

over 1 year

Don't Smile at Me by Billie Eilish

PROMPT: Album Review Competition 2019

Great job so far! Keep at it and remember that these are just suggestions. Above all, keep your writing true to yourself and your voice!

over 1 year