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Bad Dad Book Review!

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

I hope this helps you take your book review to the next level! Make sure to revisit the competition guidelines if you have any questions. It was a joy reviewing your work!

about 1 month ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

New Kid Shoes

PROMPT: Creative Nonfiction Competition 2020

    Eyes glued to the tile floor, shoulders squeezed tightly together, chest compressed into an unnoticeable speck. Unfortunately, I am anything but overlookable; my bright yellow shirt is a stranger in a sea of blue uniforms. It is my first day of school in a new country, and calling me nervous would be an understatement. Schools of students swim past, sprinkling the air with an unfamiliar language. Eyes flit like cautious flies, looking my way, then quickly switching focus,...

3 months ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

The Red Dress

PROMPT: Historical Fiction Competition 2020

    The scarlet fabric spills over Nina's knees as her needle dips in and out of the velvet furiously. I watch silently, hugging my legs closer to my chest.
    The curtains once cast rosy light through the kitchen window. Now, torn down, traced, and trimmed, they lie across her lap. Mama didn’t mind. After all, we’re leaving our small house tonight. 
    Nina breaks off the thread with her teeth, tucking the newly-formed crimson dress into her suitcase. Her shoes tap the...

5 months ago


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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

His fingers curl wretchedly like dead spider legs, stiff with dried blood. He presses the piano keys, wincing through stinging tears. Gritting his teeth, he forces his fingertips to sing. The sonata aches, sounding grayer than it had the night before. It reminds him too much of the night, of him and Ajay sitting at the piano, of the others walking in, of his fingers crushed against concrete. 

He pants as the final notes suffocate the room. The piano bench...

6 months ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

The Younger Generation

PROMPT: Letter Writing Competition 2020

July 21, 2020

Dear The Younger Generation,

    I would like to be alive to witness the day when, during another monotonous Tuesday history class, your school teacher pores through a textbook and flips to the section on the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020. Perhaps he or she will run his or her finger along the paragraphs, chuckling at some and then growing somber as they continue. And perhaps you will also stare at the words on the page, glancing at pictures...

7 months ago


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PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2020

    My fingertips sink into the flour and coat themselves with the sticky, shaggy mess. In the mixing bowl, I wrangle together bits of rebellious dough, shaping them into one mass. Though it may seem unlikely that this concoction of flour and water will become anything great, with patience and care, I hope to guide the ingredients into taking the form of a beautiful indian pav bread. 

    Bread is an ancient and universal food. From sourdough to pita to...

8 months ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

Grandma Ruby

PROMPT: Playwriting Competition 2020

Scene 1

(A dim evening. The present. The Kratz’s living room. JONATHAN KRATZ, 20s, sits at the table, leaning onto his elbows. He puts his phone to his ear. He has been crying.)

Hi, Nurse Laura. [beat] Yes, this is Jonothan Kratz calling for Ruby Kratz, my… 
(His voice breaks:) 
My mother. K-R-A-T-Z… Thanks.
(The phone is connected:)
It’s me, ma. I’m fine, how are… never mind. Ma, I wanted to say that I love you… No,...

9 months ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) reviewed:

A Call of Change For the Highland Farmers From Cordillera Of Philippines

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2020

Your ideas and arguments, as well as your evidence, are crystal clear, but they are sometimes interrupted by small grammatical or spelling mistakes. Try reading through your piece while looking specifically for these; fixing these minor errors will improve the...

11 months ago

Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

Powdered Sugar Snow

PROMPT: My December Competition 2019

    December in the Shenandoah mountains is marked by gray forests: once lush and vibrant but now brown and bare, revealing the bound of a white-tailed deer and the scamper of a camouflaged hare. Through the window, I watch the silhouettes of walnut trees sway in the cold wind. This is a landscape and town stripped of green - a skeleton of our lives. This is December. 
    My toes are numb against the hardwood floor. All is quiet, for the rest...

Seeking Peer Reviews

about 1 year ago


Anish Aradhey (United States) published:

A Color-coded Crush

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2019

Nothing is more annoying than having a crush. 

Just last week, I was the normal Macy Adams. I was the Macy who pursued nothing but my future, the Macy who cared more about test scores than anything else. I was, well, perfect. Smart. Organized. I was the kid who, in third grade, made a list of each step that would lead me to my dream job: a neurosurgeon. I was the kid who managed mountains of notes and homework and...

over 1 year ago