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Hi! I'm Cierra, also known as Cece. I love writing but I am struggling to find time to finish all of my pieces. The real question is if anyone will even like my pieces enough to remember them...

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Please review my work and tell me what you think of it. Don't go easy on me, I am genuinely curious what people think of it. I plan on becoming a writer, so this is one of many steps to reach my goal!

Published Work

Flash Fiction Competition 2019


The scent of the white room is familiar to her. The bright, clean walls are almost too bright. It burns your eyes to look at them for too long. Every time the beeping plays on the heart monitor, she starts writing. She writes a lot. She writes a lot, because she is writing her autobiography. Her dying wish is to write "The End," before death takes her away.

Besides from her writing, life is dull. Boring. People in white robes and name tags are her only visitors. This particular day, one doctor was keeping an eye on her longer than usual. Maybe it's because her breathing was starting to calm itself. Unusual, for lung cancer. 

She was almost done with her book. She could feel it. It was as if every bone in her body was pounding at her, telling her to finish. Or, maybe it was her lungs.

The beeping grew faster. It was time. "Let go." No, not...

Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

Careful Feet

Looking down. Most people consider this, upon seeing some human looking down, a sign of feeling an emotion of discomfort or sorrow. Or they could just be thinking. None the less, looking up is a good sign. You either want to see the world, or you have the choice to see it. The world was, and is, meant to be seen.

I always looked down. I wasn't sad, or confused, or scared. I was shy, yes, but no reason for looking down. I looked down so I could see my feet. I didn't want to trip. I didn't want to bump into anything, either, but my seven year-old-and-under logic was that if there was a pole or tree, I could also see it right before a painful mishap occurs. So I went through life half-knowing my surroundings, without taking things in, my dirty pink shoes my target. Smart move, Cierra.

My dad always taught me to take things in, enjoy...

Child Narrator


    What in God's name is a mocha milkshake, and who thought it was better than the vanilla? Tina checked the menu again. Yup, she wasn't mistaken, the mocha milkshake was getting better reviews. She huffed, thinking of the stupid teenagers and their stupid hormones and their stupid obsession with stupid caffeine.

    Tina stopped her intense day-pondering, and grabbed her baby-sister's hand. She pulled her up to the counter, and said "What do you want, Bobbi?" The little toddler pointed at a picture of chicken nuggets. Tina turned back around and, tiptoeing to see the register, told the lady with curly red hair, "Chicken nuggets and a small soda, please."

    "Anything else?"
    "What else?"
    "I like your hair!"
    "Oh, um, thank you. What else do you want?"
    She turned at her mom. "Can I get two milkshakes?"
    "No, you can get one milkshake and a meal."
    "Order, Tina."

    Tina huffed. She turned back to...

TV Is Black AND White

    CLIFFORD: AAAAAAAAND Welcome back, to Good Morning Seattle. I'm your host, Clifford Rackson. (A man with dark, greased hair and a blazer, runs down to audience, high-fiving open hands. He runs back to his seat and stumbles gracefully into a sitting position.) Today on our schedule we our starting off with the weath-

    TINA: (Woman struts in, with big blonde hair, dark lipstick, deep dimples and a polka-dot dress.) Now wait just a minute, Clifford! (She flounces to Clifford, waving to the crowd.) I'm your favorite co-host, Tina George. Now I hate to interrupt, but I think he made a mistake today! Isn't that right, folks? (Crowd screams in agreement.) Now, what is it you forgot, Clifford?

    CLIFFORD: Well, I just don't know Tin- Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. First Monday of the month, how could I forget our monthly VIEWER CAAAAALLS. (Crowd screams joyfully.) For those of you new hear, the Monthly Viewer Calls is where...