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Message from Writer

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars."
― Martin Luther King Jr.

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Published Work

The Stressful Life of a Pianist

 Disclaimer: This story about me is somewhat dramatized to suit the taste of my English teacher, but most of it is very true. I know it's not too great, so any feedback is welcome!

  Winter was coming to an end, and the few lingering patches of snow were beginning to melt. Spring would be arriving soon, and with it came the promise of a piano recital, only a few months away. I needed to pick a piece to play for the recital so I would have enough time to practice it. My mom handed me a stack of music books to look through, each one packed with pages and pages of music waiting to be brought to life. 
    I picked up the first book of music with its new orange cover and paged through the pieces it contained. My heart beat faster as I glanced over the music and heard the notes in my head. I could hear each phrase...

Happiness - #21

Happiness is when the sun shines again after days of rain.

Happiness - #20

Happiness is your favorite book, a blanket, a big bowl of popcorn, and a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace.

Happiness - #19

Happiness is a clear night in the mountains where the stars are not blocked by light pollution.

Why I Write


I write to release myself 
From the heavy burden of reality

To escape to another world
Where I control the flow of time

To live the life of another person
Think their thoughts and feel their emotions

To wander far into the realm of fantasy
Sail into the sunset on a wooden ship

Climb a snowy mountain range
Explore an ancient castle in fairyland

I write to express myself
As I truly am

Sing out my hopes and dreams
To ring throughout the earth.

Happiness - #18

Happiness is time to yourself after a long day at school.

Happiness - #17

Happiness is the moment you lie down in bed after a busy day.


Are emotions only memories
From a forgotten age—
An imitation, echo, repetition
Of that which has already passed?

Can we feel something 
That has never been felt before
In all the thousands of years
That lie in the nighttime past?


When the sun refuses to shine
And night remains in place of day

When you feel that you are locked in a dark cell
Deep in a dungeon underground

When you feel like everyone in the world
Has turned against you and does not care


You cannot see the sunlight
If you do not open your door to let it in

You will never escape the prison of darkness
Unless you look for the key

The people of the world may turn against you 
If you turn against them first


You are brave enough to let in the light

You are smart enough to find the key

You are strong enough to be kind and to care

You have the power to rise up from the darkness
Into the freedom of the light.

Happiness - #16

Happiness is a tree loaded with shiny red apples, ready to be picked. 

Happiness - #15

Happiness is a perfect fall day when the golden sunlight turns the autumn leaves to glowing fire. 


I return after embarrassment,
Humiliated and crushed,
My pride attempting 
To feign indifference.

But even as the beginnings of tears
Burn behind my eyes,
I am gathering myself together,
And picking myself up again.

I know that hope and ambition 
Will come rushing back,
Like a phoenix

Happiness - #14

Happiness is a lapful of fluffy cat.

Happiness - #13

Happiness is a hot mug of tea, sweet with glowing honey. 

Six-Word Story

A Key

Found: a key, covered with dust.



The universe has given us a riddle to solve, but perhaps we will never succeed in answering it. 



A cool wind cascades from the mountain side like water
It is the breath of the trees, enveloping me with peace
I inhale the liquid air and know I am one with the earth.

Happiness - #12

Happiness is a bike ride on a warm fall day when the leaves are turning golden.

Why You Need to Read

A few days ago, someone I know said
she was walking through the hallways
of her busy middle school
when she passed a girl reading,
sitting against the wall. 

Then two boys walked by
and sneered at the girl, saying:

"Ha, how old-fashioned can you get?"

"Yeah, who reads books anymore?
This is like, the 20th century!"

So this is just to say
that if you don't like reading,
you should at least figure out
what century this is.

Happiness - #11

Happiness is the warm ring of my ukulele when I strum its strings.

Happiness - #10

Happiness is reading your favorite books again and again.

Food for the Soul

The Taste of Summer

On a sunny day in July, I slipped on my flip-flops and opened my back door, startling the finches who had been feasting on the seed in the bird feeder. The little birds flitted away to the highest branches of the giant maple tree that towers over everything in my backyard. I smiled at a squirrel who watched me curiously, then walked to my brother's garden. 

This garden was special, because my brother had started it by himself. He planted, watered, weeded, and harvested every day, and his work had paid off. The garden was crowded with thriving vegetables of all kinds, and tall sunflowers circled it cheerfully. I walked between the rows until I found an overflowing pot of basil. I picked the aromatic green leaves until I had filled the bowl I carried, then went to the tomato plants with their little red jewels. The tomatoes were not big like the ones you can buy in stores, but...

Happiness - #9

Happiness is a cold glass of lemonade, frosted on the outside with condensation.

Arctic Dreams

Dreams from a Moonlit Night

The sky is a canvas, painted with the stories of the glittering constellations.

The river is a winding silver pathway, leading you to a fairyland where the land meets the sea.

The forest is a quiet refuge of towering trees and soft green moss, where dreams are born on moonlit nights. 

Happiness - #8

Happiness is when you listen to the songs you loved when you were little.

Wild Plums

I flew down the bumpy bike path,
Down from the road to the bridge,
And caught a fleeting glimpse
Of a wild plum tree.

The ripe rounded fruits
Were a blur as I passed,
A beautiful mix 
Of pink, purple, and red.

Wild plums
Frosted with silver,
Hanging in clusters,
Hiding in the leaves.

They look so sweet and juicy,
But I have tried them and I know
They are sour, pasty,
And their pits are too big.

But even if they are bitter,
They are lovely among the leaves,
Shining like perfect jewels
On the wild plum tree.


Happiness - #7

Happiness is a big brother to help you with all your problems. 

Happiness - #6

Happiness is sometimes so simple that we don’t recognize it.

Happiness - #5

Happiness is when my violin sings under my fingers and my bow.

Happiness - #4

Happiness is the smile of a stranger on a busy street.

A Biography of Amy Beach

Amy Beach was one of the most prominent female composers in the world during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. She has been an inspiration to many women who follow in her footsteps and have found success in composing. When Amy Beach first began composing, most people thought that though women could play music well, they were not capable of creating it. It was believed that only men could compose high quality and professional pieces. Amy Beach proved them wrong, and she was soon a well-known and respected composer of the time.

Amy Marcy Cheney was born on September 5, 1867 to a well-known family in New England. Her mother was a talented pianist and singer, and she had other relatives who were also artistic. Amy was a child prodigy, able to sing forty songs by the time she was one. When she was four, she composed three waltzes for piano in her head during a trip...

Happiness - #3

Happiness is a new tin of colored pencils, waiting to bring life to paper. 

I Belong to the Mountains

I belong to the mountains, 
And the mountains belong to me. 

The mountains soaring to the sky,
Fourteen thousand feet above the sea.

Where the wind whispers secrets
To the lodgepole pines;

Where the sweet scent of ponderosa bark
Hangs heavy in the sun-filled air;

Where the shadows of the clouds
Drift from the meadow to the mountain side;

Where the tiny world of the tundra
Lies between the snowy peaks;

Where the winding silver steams 
Flow dreamily across the valley floors;

Where storms come very quickly,
Drenching the land with pounding rain;

Where the sun returns triumphantly,
Sparkling in the droplets that hang on pine needles;

Where hundreds of elk spend their days,
And marmots bask on the rocks;

Where the elevation makes me catch my breath, 
Though I live at five thousand feet;

Where the air is clean, pure, and clear,
Where I stand at the top of the world.

The mountains are forever a part of my...

Happiness - #2

Happiness is when your cat’s furry forehead rubs against your own in greeting.

Happiness - #1

Happiness is a brand new book, thick with creamy pages.

Happiness - #1

Happiness is a brand new book, thick with creamy pages.

Six Word Memoir

Quiet but listening, like a tree.

Open Prompt


Let fly that feathered arrow
From your slender bow.
Send it to the sky,
To the stars and to the moon.

Send it with a message,
Bound tightly to its shaft.
A message, a letter,
A silver song of hope. 

Let fly that feathered arrow
From your slender bow. 
To sail upon a breath of wind
Above our blue-green island home. 

To sail over mountains
Capped with sparkling snow,
To sail over oceans
Deep and shining blue. 

Let fly that feathered arrow
From your slender bow
Send it out to reach someone
Who has despaired of finding hope.

Give it time to find someone,
A sister or a brother. 
Let your arrow fall into their heart
That silver song of hope.

So, let fly those feathered arrows
From your slender bows
Send them out with love and kindness,
And sing your song of hope. 

Build bridges in all our hearts,
Tear down the walls between.
Let fly your hopes, your...

A Letter

To anyone who supports the leader of my country, the United States of America,
I wish you would listen to my letter to you. 

I just want to know what it is 
That makes you believe what you do.

Why is it that you believe 
That this president is going to Make America Great Again?

I have lost count of the times 
He has broken that promise. 

And anyway, what was wrong with America before?
He has only made it far worse.

Do you want to support someone
Who has been proven to lie thousands of times?

Do you want to support someone
Who is ruining our environment and thus our future?

Do you want to support someone
Who insults and harasses women?

Do you want to support someone
Who causes innocent children to be torn from their parents?

Do you want to support someone
Who locks up those children in inhumane conditions?

Do you want to support someone


There is nothing to hear 
Except silence.
The forest behind me
Is lit up with moonlight.
The snow is full
Of glittering stars.
I turn away with a sigh,
And follow the path
That leads to the road,
My footsteps 
Barely making a sound
In the soft snow.


Flowers are everywhere,
Covering the meadow 
In which I stand.
Mountains reach up
Around me,
So high that the tops 
Are still covered with snow.
A creek runs through 
The meadow,
And the flowers 
Seem to dance 
To its music.

Pink Blossoms

I lie on my back
Looking up to the sky.
Above me
There are pink blossoms
In our crabapple tree
It is very peaceful
Lying here
The clouds float by.

Child Narrator

Do You Care?

Yesterday I was watching TV, like I do every day after school. I was watching the nature program, hoping to see some animals from Africa, because I love lions and giraffes. But today it was about the ocean. I watched as whales swam across the screen, and as dolphins jumped out of the water gracefully and fell back down in a curve. I watched the little animals at the bottom of the sea, too. There were little fish that look like Nemo, and strange looking lobsters that waved their claws. 

But then I saw a big turtle, trapped in a net, tangled up so it couldn't swim away. I didn't understand what was happening, until the man who was talking in the show said that thousands of sea turtles are killed in fishing nets every year. Then he said that hundreds of thousands of sea animals, like dolphins, whales, and seals, are caught in the nets and killed every year....

Golden Leaves

Green leaves
Slowly turning
Into glittering
Pieces of gold.
The wind picks up
And he blows the 
Leaves to the ground.
Like confetti
Celebrating the 
Beginning of 
The new season.


I walk between the redwood trees 
That tower above me so high.
They almost seem to reach the sky.
Sunlight filters through the branches,
The air is rich and warm.
The forest is very bright today
Full of life so old, yet young.
The trees are filled with happiness. 

Sonnet of the Seasons

Out of cold winter air blooms a new leaf,
Opening into the sunshine of spring;
A young bird sings with the happy belief
Of life in the spring and what it may bring. 
As summer begins, the leaf grows and spreads
Welcoming the sunlight and falling rain. 
Flowers in the meadows grow and are fed
By the rich dark earth that water does gain. 
When the days grow short and autumn takes hold,
And silver frost covers the morning ground,
The leaves turn red, yellow, orange and gold,
And finally fall with a quiet sound. 
    So passes the life of a single year
    But none shall forget the leaves growing near.

Haiku #2

The ukulele
My dad bought in Hawai'i
Lets my fingers sing.

Haiku #1

Poems fill my mind
And grow as fast as flowers
Sprouting from a seed.


I live in a land that is parched and dry;
A thousand cracks run through it.
The earth is torn from lack of rain,
Thick dust chokes the air.

A few of the cracks are filled over time,
Patched by the cool, healing rain. 
But many are deepened as time passes by,
Chasms and canyons of drought.

The earth is the people of my land;
The rain is what brings us together.
But water is scarce, for we fight, and argue,
And we do not understand.

Universal Knowledge

Universal Music

Music is the language that has the power to sing to the emotions of everyone, no matter what language they speak.