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Through It All

I tune out the world with my beautiful music. They told me if I had a talent, I should use it. I came up in a small town called Mississippi. It wasn't perfect, you'll hear a few gun news and shootings. Parents kept me away from it all.They were trying not to let me fall. To be honest, it didn't help because my eyes and ears were still bare. It was like the whole world was unfair. It was like no one had no kind of love. Gratefully, we still kept everything pushing and heads up. I had all these dreams, but didn't know what to do. I was always worrying about my life and school. Then, I started escaping through writing and singing skills. I always wanted to help pay my family's bills. Everything in our family wasn't good. Through it all, they still told me to shine as I should. Sometimes I had so many breakthroughs. Since I...