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United States of America

Emery Fraser (United States of America)() published:

A Single Plastic Bag

PROMPT: Environmental Journalism Competition 2020

    Industrial waste, wastewater, mining, marine dumping, oil leakage and the burning of fossil fuels all have one thing in common; they create water pollution.  You might think that you don’t have anything to do with contributing to water pollution. But did you ever think about what happened to that one plastic bag that you had?  The one that you either dropped on the ground purposely or the one that you dropped in the parking lot of the store you...

about 1 month ago

Emery Fraser (United States of America)() published:


PROMPT: My December Competition 2019

    The month of December is filled with so many experiences that only come around once a year. From spending time with your family to watching the snowfall, there is so much to be treasured. For most people, you expect the same thing every year. You expect all of your grandparents being there on Christmas morning. You expect to receive all of the gifts you have asked for. You expect so much each year. But for many, you don’t get what...

4 months ago