folks, here lies my new project

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MBTI says I'm either INFP or INTJ
you choose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

too old to lie to myself and call it an honour
~Nick Carraway

take my revolution

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you can leave the prejudices by the door, thx. there's too much surreal and experimental literature here, so they might explode.

Why am I into Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Great Gatsby?
Either because reality is brutal or my dreams are too big.
And both love to hint me of the latter.

Please don't mind if I don't reply on short notice. Just a low-profile writer, part-time in this world

folks, I present my new project

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18 [and if I'm actually an adult yet]

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Normally, in most countries, being 18 crosses the second threshold of independence, besides being 16. It's the year you get to move out, live alone, go to college etc.

But being eighteen means a completely different thing in Singapore.

It means, you're taking GCE 'A' levels this year (if you're in Junior College). It means you get to drink, it means you get to vote, it means you get to drive. It also means you're not in a university, not...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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