Finally in Hogwarts, sitting in the Ravenclaw Tower.

Safe from Panem, far away from home.

In the New York summer though, to train in a camp to fight the monsters many can't see.

Still, initation in Erudite hasn't been good so far.

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Random weekly fact (because I can)
Passive sentences can be used to put readers at ease and make a scene calming. Usually used after big wars and stuff, but don't use excessively!

"The best use of imagination is creativity.
The worst use of imagination is anxiety."
~ (someone...)

Please don't mind if I don't reply on short notice. Just a low-profile writer, part-time in this world

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My child


when I was young
my mother told me very little she hid truths
she wasn't supposed to

I went hungry
starving for knowledge
I searched the streets
for my own answers
injured myself
to a point
of no return

Now I raise you
answering all your questions
so you never go hungry
search the streets
injure yourself
like I did.

People scorn
but they don't understand
innocence isn't the refusal to believe
it's the hope you preserve
of the...

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In the midst of things

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2019

"Wait here. I'll be quick." Pierce walked into the room. His silhouette melted into the syrupy darkness.

Tara stood outside adjusting the mask. She never really expected Pierce to welcome the idea. Tara was better off dressing in sunglasses and a black coat. She blended in better.

People walked across in dark colored clothing. Quite a number wore a pin on their collars. Some were carrying a strange assortment of things.

Tara watched a youngster in a blue coat walk...

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10 things that MATTER

PROMPT: Your View

  1.  Everyone should have the right to love anyone they wish to. Seriously. No matter which gender.
  2. People shouldn't be judged by their skin colour. Not every Chinese on the street comes from China and eats dog meat. Really, we laugh about that stereotype a lot.
  3. This brings me to my next point. No one deserves to be superior or inferior in anyway. Some women faced things guys haven't.
  4. What goes around, comes around. (Spiritual belief, but) I still believe in it....
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the warning | # Fortuna Major


I must say first that I hate alcohol. So never ask me to drink it.

Neither do I like caffine. It always made me feel like I've flew myself onto Empire State Building, then back down on my own two feet.

Hence, by the elimination of my narrow range of drink preferences, hot chocolate made it to the top of my list.


Warm hot chocolate, that scalded my eager mouth with its sweet and bitter aftertaste. Thick and creamy,...

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