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"The best use of imagination is creativity.
The worst use of imagination is anxiety."
~ (someone...)

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.amelia. (Singapore) published:

The stolen sword | #rollthedice_2 | #ollie1stcomp


It only took a mere few seconds for Phase to vanish.

A moment between the shift of guards, the Queen's sword of democracy disappeared without a trace.
At least, that was what I heard from Mills over the phone.

"...It's insane. The guards are in a frenzy, the Duke is there-"

"Duke?" I asked. "Grand one, or his brother."

"The Grand Duke. You know what? Just come over. Asap." He hung up.

Grand one. I thought. Fair enough.

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If The Seasons Were People


This piece is wonderfully vivid!! Wonderful job <3

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Dust And Smoke


Don't be disheartened! Poetry can be complex, but its always worth reading for they have many different layers.

I liked reading your poem :)

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