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"entering life / a childish departure"

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

The echoes of my footprints,
of a trembling stride
set to ascend the stairs
of tomorrow

                   to enter uncharted terrain,
                   depart from the earthy burrow
At once expected to leap
and to fall
to mount a hillside
and descend a peak
time, dear friend,
                    (-words of courtesy not truth)
why are you so unrelenting?
                    stealing things away
I do not wish...

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i do not want it fading

PROMPT: Home’s Essence

Two years ago, we stepped across a road, no, I lie, it was five roads with significant distance in-between, but ‘one’ captures the greater spirit so much better. Namely because it was the step, not necessarily in an entirely new direction, but away. Crossing the pavement crystallised my memories into just that: memories. A thing of the past.
I don’t even know if our sweet little lilac, right in the corner of the garden, still blooms in summer. At...

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