I'm a high school student in Australia and dream to publish a novel. Umm... I play the piano, I'm a Hufflepuff.

I also love feedback for my writing! Constructive feedback makes me happy :)

Message from Writer

Never give up on your passion. Whether that be writing, playing an instrument or anything else. If someone says you can't do something, go and prove them wrong. Don't worry about being bad at something because you can't become the best without first being the worst.

If you like any of my writing, fell free to like but also comment what you think! Any detailed/peer feedback is great and I'd be willing to return the favour.

Published Work

Novel Writing Competition 2019


All to be seen was blood and terror as the war between Ares and Athena only seemed to grow and grow, until all of Greece was in turmoil. All who didn’t see had fled, leaving about half a dozen children to keep Athens from falling to pieces. Children who were too young to be schooled and brainwashed to be blind to the true nature of the war.
            Andreas huddled close to the other children – all silent, innocent as they slept restlessly under the smoldering remains of a cottage. He watched the night sky, breathing in the tendrils of smoke, reaching desperately to infinity, escaping to where neither him, nor his friends could. Unable to sleep, he sat up, gazing into the distance at the towering figures in the distance, the thundering clashes of their godly weapons muted over the span of their village. Of Athena’s carefully calculated advances and Ares’s violent, chaotic blows. A fight to the death...

The Sun, The Rain #NewSight

I put my pen down and turn to my pink checkered curtains, drawn back and fastened with an elastic band, hardened by too much exposure to the sun.

Looking through to the foggy window, I wipe my hand on the glass and shiver as it comes back wet and wipe my hand on my sweater, pulling the sleeve up over my hand. I try again and wipe the window, this time with my sleeve, taking more of the moisture from the icy window.

The image cleared and I was finally able to look outside at the morning sun, shining feebly but, just like me, had not been awake long enough to bring anything meaningful yet. I watched as the sun was smothered by a large cloud, and watched as other clouds stood bystanding. Unmoving.

In many ways, the clouds were just sitting there, innocent and free. But the weather forecast had already sentenced them to their end by the afternoon....

Einzigartig's Story #HomoSapiensStory

Einzigartig walked up to the tall gate, spiked at the top and bricked on both sides blocking the view of the monsters that lurked inside. A tree’s shadow blanketed him eliminating his last chances of escaping like a wisp of smoke. He took a deep breath and strode hesitantly to another six hours of boredom. The very thought of it made him shudder as he continued onto the trail towards the school. Other students casually filed in after him in their clean blue and yellow uniforms, not a crease in sight. He looked down at himself, everything, from the unwashed, second hand uniform to his messy tangled hair made him stick out like a sore thumb. Einzigartig sat on a bench and looked down at his feet, bare except for the holey socks he wore. He could barely make out the shape of them anymore through the blisters and cuts. His hands weren’t much better. Tears trickled...

Silence #hearmyvoice

What gave it away was the silence.

There was no ear-piercing scream in the middle of the night like in the movies… Just silence.

It wasn’t a peaceful silence either, the one you’d go to sleep to. No. It was the kind of tense silence where even the trees wait with bated breath. The silence where the wind stopped to stare and insects pausing their daily labour to witness what was about to occur.

That day was pretty much my average day: wake up, race to the train station to make my train, survive another day of school without falling asleep in class, take the train back and walk home from the station, only to find myself swamped with yet another lethal dose of assignments and due dates.

That night, I was going to stay up to catch up on some of my homework and after a few hours of futility, put down my pencil and slumped backwards into my...


Tears sprung to my eyes as he denied once again, this time slightly louder.

“It’s not that hard to understand, kid. Magic doesn’t exist.”

I glanced up at his looming figure, but the image was blurred so I looked back down, my eyes stinging, my fists balled, my jaw clenched. Curling up into a ball where I was seated, I heard him sigh and stalk off. I blinked, tears finally making trails down my cheeks where they soaked into my shirt, leaving spots of crimson on my previously bright red T shirt.

“It is real. It’s just that no one gets to see it anymore because of people like you.” I looked up in the direction he left in, watching his over-confident silhouette turn a corner, out of sight.

How magic could possibly survive with people always pushing it down and ignoring it, I don’t know but how could you explain it through everything that happens, you and I are...


Don't hate if you can't relate.


No Ducks

              We had been walking for days, my blistered feet poking through my worn shoes to meet the cold, rocky ground, sore to the point they were almost numb. My eyes were narrowed in an attempt to force themselves to stay open and we stumbled through the overcast night like drunks. I half-turned to see if my comrade was still following. She was. She was such a loyal friend; with me for as long as I could remember. Emerging over a crest, I caught a glimpse of a faint light in the distance through an evergreen tree, kindling the hope that only moments ago had been the dying embers of an unused fireplace. I could see it in my little friend’s eyes. She ruffled her feathers but just like me had a throat… or beak too dry to utter even the smallest sound. But we had a destination, and we were going to get...

Open Prompt

My Enemy is My Friend

Eyebrows creased and eyes slitted in concentration. Beads of sweat dripped down my spine and time slowed. My weapon was a heavy weight in my fist. My arms were aching from the previous battle as I turned to face one of my greatest enemies. One I would have to fight alone.

I let out the breath I was holding as my pen slowed to a stop. It stayed like that for a while, hovering over the page as I tried to imagine what would happen next. My pen clattered onto the desk and I watched it roll to the edge of the table then fall with a soft thud onto the carpeted floor. I stared at the page and the page stared back at me mockingly. The salty flavour of frustrated tears reached my lips as deadlines looming ahead watched me struggle from the hastily scrawled dates on the pages of my diary. I reread my unfinished story multiple times,...

Flash Fiction Competition 2019


Inhale… Pick up the knife. Exhale… Walk towards the table.

I put one hand on the smooth flesh and stared into its lifeless eyes, holding my breath to keep from gagging on the smell. Might as well get this over with. I turned the body over and slid the knife into the flesh just below the head and dragged down, blood staining my hands. I dug my fingers in, removing various organs. An impatient knock on the door brought my gaze to fall on the scowling figure in the doorway.

“How long does it take to gut a fish?”