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that song of humanity

PROMPT: One Home

It's gotten quieter
Harder to hear
Over the years

It used to be strong
And healthy
Buzzing with a
Vibrant beat

As the young earth
In the innocence 
And loveliness
That it
Sang of

Anyone with ears 
Could hear
That sheer
That was released

As they evolved
As they learned
The world around them
The song has gotten softer

The song of newborn love
Love of that home
They shared
That home that
They once cherished ...

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crownless (United States) published:

the analysis - chapter one


Chapter One | coffee

I've learned to be wary of perfection, which is strange, considering I live in a perfect world. 

I believe, that as a human, everyone should have at least one flaw in their character. That flaw can range from something like excessive pride, vanity, or putting pineapple on pizza. 

Perfection can be misleading. Perfect looks, for example, can cover up a nasty personality that no one would want to get tangled up in. A perfect personality, however,...
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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

Her hand brushes my own. Green eyes sparkling, hidden behind sunlit strands of dark hair. Her lips forming a smile at the sight of me, looking at me with those emerald-green eyes as though I'm priceless and irreplaceable.

"Don't forget me," She whispers. 

"I won't." I whisper back confidently. 

"Don't...ever..." Her voice begins to fade. Alarmed, I reach for her hand, but it's disappearing--along with the rest of her. 

She pales. Screams once. Then is gone.

"Eliza!" I cry out,...

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