Hi! My hobbies are reading, reading, reading, and reading! My favourite authors are Brandon Mull, Rick Riordan, J K Rowling, and Sarah J Maas. I am a Ravenclaw, a daughter of Artemis (So what if that's not possible?!) and a Dauntless.

Message from Writer

"It is better to know some questions than all of the answers." James Thunder


Many pieces by Maryam Q are beautiful, but I particularly love 'Show and Tell' Check it out!

Foxlilly106's beautiful novel, Past memories.

Every single piece from pineapples is a must-read. They're all so hilarious!

ThePaperSamurai's pieces are so gorgeous! They haven't done many yet, but I hope they do.

Sabine of the Universe's comp/prompts. They're a great way to win a free review!
(Also the other pieces done by them!)

CrowSF's 'A brush with Death'. Amazing descriptions, with a mystique that makes me keep reading.

You can reach me at if you want to chat, or to rant about how bad my writing is. :-)

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