Hi! My hobbies are reading, reading, reading, and reading! My favourite authors are Brandon Mull, Rick Riordan, J K Rowling, and Sarah J Maas. I am a Ravenclaw, a daughter of Artemis (So what if that's not possible?!) and a Dauntless.

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"It is better to know some questions than all of the answers." James Thunder
"Everyone should get a standing ovation at some point in their life because we all overcometh the world." -Auggie Pullman (R. J. Palacio)


Doodleninja's Stereo tropes Co. Hilarious and witty, effortlessly making fun of fantasy tropes.

Pineapples has branched out a bit recently, but their writing is still insightful and interesting.

What.I.Saw.In.The.Tea.Leaves's pieces are so gorgeous! They haven't done many yet, but I hope they do.

CrowSF's 'A brush with Death'. Amazing descriptions, with a mystique that makes me keep reading.

Every single thing Anha has written is worth reading. Amazing writing.

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Bookworm101 (Australia) published:

Dear Rejection Letter, I Reject you


Dear rejection letter,

I am afraid, most dearly sorry, that you did not make the cut.
I understand your concerns about my novel: ‘Some stuff happens to my characters.’
However, your grammar was simply terrible. 

Your - (your!!) - story is not good enough?

And that’s to say nothing of your spelling! Atrocious! The irony of your entire rant about my single error was ridiculous. And I doubt you even know what irony is, considering your writing ability!


Seeking Peer Reviews

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