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I go by Marie on the internet, I'm sixteen years old, but I've spent the last three years of my life roleplaying obsessively, and I think it shows because my characters' speech patterns leak into the narration half the time. I'm bad at leaving reviews, but I want to at least get some of my work out there in case something happens to me, so I'm hanging out around here.

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The Abuser

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

- My current theory for this is that James' abuser is actually his own self-hatred? As in, this is his subconscious saying everything he thinks about himself, then manifesting into what I think are hallucinations.

6 months



- This feels like something someone would write a song about! - It's a nitpick, but I'm not sure how the title relates to the rest of the piece. - I'm someone who relies on commas to read for breaks or else I can't get into the flow of the sentence properly, so that's why I was picky about the commas! There are definitely times when commas aren't 100% necessary, but I do badly without them because of reading flow, so I hope that wasn't irritating to hear.

6 months