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Everyone has a story to tell,find yours.
Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

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    I used to know my world, I used to live in it,really live not just exist but live. Now I live in a world that is not my own, they days drag and speed up without my consent. I don't know how this happened, things have gotten so busy lately I haven't had time to realize I was running someone else's senseless race, and for some reason I am (was) determined to succeed. Winning this stupid race was success, running...

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Victoria Martin (Canada) published:

Eye of the Storm


  1. Thine eyes a grave to all my tenderness.
  2. Once openѐd an ever fixèd mark to hate.
  3. I loathe those depths where demons dance careless.
  4. To hide amid my gaze 'tis now too late.
  5. I watch as still the grey has yet to pass.  
  6. Those summer skies doth call thine eyes.
  7. I as Zephyr be, call a cloud alas
  8. A storm prevails to break thine earthly ties.
  9. Thine death remove of me adversity.
  10. Corrupt doth be as you had done to...
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