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shoutout to that one really sweet chrysanthemum drink you had when you were younger. it's still there in 99 Ranch you know.

mood: narrowed eyes and starlit skies.

five things:
—i think this generation will change the world.
—working on a novel but these days not really.
—too lazy to edit.
—i wish i could rap and produce music and stuff but i get too caught up in my own head to do it.
—i keep the seven deadly sins well fed next to my feet.

"it's a sacrifice you see.
"good things don't come for free."
-noctemlux, monachopsis, AO3

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chrysanthemums&ink (United States) published:

leave me empty: public catharsis


you take a scalpel and drag it across your chest, 
slowly and surely, press it down until lines of stardust appear. 

catharsis comes in bottles of blood and sells in hearts, 
sometimes you want to carve off your face so that no one can identify your corpse. 

it's easy to hide behind a chrysanthemum bud. 
it's easy to tear out your heart when no one knows your name. 

but not today, no. 

today, you talk until your voice ran hoarse,  ...
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Sorry about the very long review and if I sound particularly nitpicky. Take everything I said with a grain of salt because ultimately, you're the one that knows what's best for your writing. If you have any questions or concerns...

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chrysanthemums&ink (United States) published:

prosecution of the envious


lay me down in this stunted green fern 
before i decompose into fertilizer, scream me to sleep 
smear a layer of vegetative paint over my lips and pray that my 'sins' may be cleansed 
exhausted, i drift into slumber, this bitterness lodged in my throat like a half-digested pill
    once again, i fall victim to the perpetrators of 'justice'

tell me oh Lord how should i repent for the unwitting production of this emerald mustard gas 
i inhale it...
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chrysanthemums&ink (United States) published:

three types of exhaustion


exhaustion—like a good tres leche cake—deepens the longer you leave it to sit. 

like playing your third volleyball game in a day, finally at the final game 
only to lose 25-10 in two sets. 
(you see it days later in your dreams, how the ball sounded when it dropped for the last time). 
the type of exhaustion that comes too early. 

the good kind of exhaustion that sort of sits on your tongue and dissolves like a...
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