The Moving Finger Writes

United States

This is no longer the place for me.
Goodbye, my friends.

Remember a time when your dreams were still worth dreaming of.

Published Work

...And Having Writ, Moves On

In February of 2017, at the young age of just 13, I wrote a poem. “Melody”, I called it. And I have to say, looking back, it wasn’t very good at all. But it was the beginning of my writing, my friendships, my passion. It was the beginning. 

I didn’t want to keep this little creation to myself. No, I wanted the whole world to see it. And where better to do that than the Internet? Off to Google I went, and not long after, I found a little site called, you guessed it, Write the World. I made an account, put up my poem, and waited. 

That piece only got 2 likes, and no comments. I was disappointed, but I kept at it, publishing piece after piece and improving bit by bit. WtW became my haven, a place to spill sadness, excitement, anything, and the members of the community would feel them with me. 

I made friends. An overwhelming...