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Go Back to Sleep

    He awakens when a thunderous boom shakes the house. It is still dark outside save for the flashes of light that slither and crack in the clouds. A chill crawls down his spine when he picks up an ominous sound- one he knows only comes to life when wind and rain fight for dominance. 
    The wooden walls of his shabby house creak. Having woken up from a deep sleep, he prays his eyes are betraying him when he sees the walls of their house sway- under a thrall? In a regular storm, walls in the village would simply crack or break away. 
    Frantically, he looks around the house for any traces of them. No spilled food, no footprints, no stains smeared on the walls, and, most importantly, no marks on his skin. He suppresses a shudder. He must be seeing things- a reasonable explanation since he awoke earlier than usual. The walls are not swaying, he must...

Where Am I?

Water around, ice above
The ice was hard, unforgiving
The clouds are barely there, always moving 
I am barely here; why am i not moving?

Wind pushing heavy against me; am i drowning?
Fighting feels feeble
It hurts to open my eyes
Where am I? 

Cracks in the ice pour light
Cracks in the sky pour light
Neither reach me
Where am I?

I am in two places 
yet I cannot move 

Lunar Phrases


The moon has its own sky
its own stage 
The most beautiful spotlight
sitting in silence 

Her Forest

    People say your eyes are the windows to the soul. To me, hers are the windows to the world. 
    Her eyes are two captivating orbs of emerald green and they hold a forest. I treasure her plants and animals. There are still many things in her world that I have yet to discover, and I am more than happy to delve into it. 
    The tears cascading down her cheeks are rivers and streams overflowing with too much water, drenching the soil around it- her mascara. Her eyelashes flutter like the wings of a butterfly as it closes shut. 
    I kiss her eyelids, feeling it quiver beneath my lips. She is strong- a force to behold. She holds waves inside of her with only butterfly wings. 
    I suppose we all have worlds inside us, and in those worlds are wars. The wars keep us awake at night or leave us worn down to the bone. Sometimes we are able to fight...