Angelica Macfarlane

United States

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
— Louis L’Amour

Published Work


Endless- (The World Described in a Sentence)

Endless possibilities, endless trials and triumphs, and a simplitsic beauty of connecting with people who once seemed insignificant.

Six-Word Story

Death's Gifts

Helpless people, coffins, and nonstop tears.

Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

The Morning Light of the Reservation

    I remember two years ago I made a trip that impacted my life. I remember sitting on a pair of splintering steps as I watched the sunrise over the beautiful vast landscape. Just two years ago I went on a missions trip with my church. Now, I understand that not everyone is the religious type but I still feel like the experience that I went through at just the age of twelve could impact just about anyone. I remember waking up early to help lift walls and put together food packages. I remember feeling lifted up as high as the Empire State Building as I looked around and saw other people who had gathered to contribute to a cause greater than themselves.
    The simplistic beauty in everything was that of a small flower. Hope bloomed around me everywhere and I felt like I was finally seeing the light, a purpose, like the silky petals of a rose as it opens...

On Courage


She looked
in silence as the crowds of people looked down at their hands.

She listened in silence as they talked about their new apps, new pictures, new cases, new phones, new lives that were seemingly were becoming a drain to their very existence.

She watched in silence as her own family started to sit days on end hypnotized as they stared endlessly at their luminescent screens.

She shrunk in silence when instead of coming home and being able to talk about her problems, the only thing that seemed the most important to everyone else was liking the next Instagram post or achieving the most magnificent selfie.

She existed in silence eyes wide mouth pressed. She couldn’t take it anymore!The weight was to much on her shoulders! Pressing down until she felt like nothing but a mere speck.

So she jumped up fast fists clenched teeth bared.

“I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE!” She shouted nostrils flared.

Passerby's stopped and stared...

Micro Memoir

The Places We Can Go

 The comforting smells of ink and sawdust filled my nose as I skimmed the page. Today, I was on the tallest building and yesterday I was in the middle of the vast ocean. To me there was never a dull moment. Then as I read I heard distinctive sounds of footsteps as they echoed against their quiet surroundings.

“Why do you waste away here?” 

I glaced up eyebrow raised as I met eyes with a small girl who stood head tilted to her side. She had strawberry blonde hair and freckles that were carelessly sprinkled across her tiny nose.

“What do you mean?” I ask shutting my book feeling it between my fingers.

 “Well whenever I come here it’s so boring. People just sit quietly and read for hours!  When I get older I want to travel the world not be cooped up in some small little library!”

 I chuckled and beckoned her closer. “Who says I don’t travel the world?”