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erica, a soft sapphic who:

wears too much yellow
thinks about space a little too often
cries more than she should


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Jasper's Mom

PROMPT: Writing for Children Competition 2020

When Jasper was small, his mom had yellow in her tone.
She was bright and cheery like yellow, and she liked to laugh and play games and build pillow forts with him.
She liked to meet new people and talk to them.
But Jasper's mom wasn’t always yellow.
Sometimes she was a dark, dark blue, like the ocean.
Sometimes her blue seemed never-ending.
As Jasper grew and grew, he noticed his mom's blue more and more.
There were...

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it is early morning. my world is asleep and i should be too but instead i am sitting on a hearth in a hotel lobby in a city a hundred and thirty seven miles from home. it is cold. i did not pay for a hotel room because i will only be here for forty minutes. there is a twenty-dollar bill in my left sock and it has pressed up into my foot.

in the quiet hotel lobby there is...

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  1. How do you feel about your name? You don't have to share your name, but do share your opinion on it.
  2. How long do you think you could go without internet access? How does that answer make you feel?
  3. What would be your preferred platonic (friend) date? Not a romantic one.
  4. What do you think the world will be like in 500 years? Will it be better or worse than now? Better or worse than 500 years ago?
  5. Who did you...

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sugar-coated lips and saccharine heartbreak


it is june. i am wearing a dress, but i am wearing spanks underneath. i’ll always be a gymnast at heart, i think, as i slide into a seat next to my friend and sip my soda and watch two boys having a dance-off. one drops into the splits and i cannot help but mentally correct his form. i don’t know how his pants don’t rip. he stands back up and the other boy pulls him in for a kiss,...

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do not try to tell the queen of the savanna that she loves wrong


they say that i love wrong, that the
beat of my heart in my ribcage is like the
beat of paws on the dusty ground,
ba bum, ba bum, ba bum, fast-paced
and animalistic. and there is filth
on my body, they tell me,
that they would like to remove.
i laugh and they flinch at the way
my mouth curls back to reveal sharp teeth.
i would rather live my lion's life
outside of a zoo-cage, i tell...
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