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Twin Fantasy; A Knife To the Soul

PROMPT: Album Review Competition 2019

There are few things in this world that I truly connect with. Things that pierce beyond the murky puddle of consciousness and touch my inner soul, shaking it up and birthing it anew. One of those things is an album by the name of Twin Fantasy.
    As I will momentarily disclose in high detail, this album is a great record musically and conceptually. The reason it's my favorite record however is because of how real it feels...

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Concerts with my dad.

PROMPT: Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

My parents are divorced. I don't get to see my dad a lot;only on the weekends. During the  weeks when I'm away I like to live inside the memories I have with my dad. The happy ones, that remind me of how much I love him and give me something soft to hold on to until the weekend. My favorite memories are those of my dad and I going to concerts.

    I saw my first ever concert with...

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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2019

Frogs look god in the eyes for the whole gruesome hour it takes them to eat their tadpoles. Carnivorous and voracious, a frog can complete the cycle of birth and consumption in less than a weeks time. You have to wonder-considering that they live ten years, and that with each brood of offspring, four thousand eggs are produced-about the total number of eaten children. Move some numbers around and you get forty thousand. How long would it take you to eat...

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God's Gaze


God hath seen our gentle gaze and it angers him great,
"How dare thou sit, complacent in thine world of thunder",
"Yes",they said "However, it only rains down here"

12 months ago

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The Ballad of The Nervous Man

PROMPT: Song Writing Competition 2019

The Ballad of the Nervous Man


I am thinking about thinking
I am looking at the inside of myself from the outside
I don't  remember putting that shirt on this morning
I think that it's dirty

There's an earthquake in the building 
Not a single person in the building seems to care
Why aren't they moving, we need to escape
The building is going to fall

Sitting in stasis
Stranded on a mountain
Waiting for the avalanche ...

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