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Message from Writer

Hi! I'm an aspiring author. I love life, reading and writing, and I'm so happy I have a place to just write. :)
"Live. Laugh. Love."
"Don't conform to who they want you to be. Be instead who you want yourself to be."
"Be happy."
"Silent and listen are spelled with the same letters."
"Life isn't easy. It's not supposed to be. Deal with it. :)"
"We are each the protagonist of our own story which we also get to write."

Peer Reviews

My First Crush

PROMPT: Lens Change

Ahh this is so good lol I really enjoyed reading about your experience and the third person lens made it a more interesting experience reading and allowed for a lot of good figurative language. Also this piece is soooo sooo sooooo relatable I always like people for so long (so I guess I love them :/ ) and the guy I like right now I've liked since June/July and he's one of my closest friends. *sigh* And yeah I am happy too lol. :) I really enjoyed this piece though well done and keep writing!

6 months

The Girl Who's Always Been

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I loved this piece! It's intriguing, and I really hope you continue with this idea because I can see it becoming something even more amazing. From such a short piece of writing, you did well to draw the reader in and provide a story line that was easy to follow but still interesting and leaves you wanting more. In my opinion, the title is a bit lacking. I chose to read this because I was interested in the beginning passage I could see when I was scrolling, not because of the title. And while the title isn't more important then the writing, it does need to grab attention in a way that will make readers want to take the book off the shelf, so to speak. Sadly, books have to be attractive on the outside as well as on the inside because people go by what they see immediately most of the time. But anyway, I really liked it and enjoyed this story and I think it's very well written.

about 1 year