I write stories to entertain people and also to encourage every writer all around the world, just remember, You not allow, and that we are in this together. Have a great day, and God Bless You.

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Everyone person is different in there own, special, unique way, and not everyone can do everything, but just remember, God cares for you all.
☯'Be the You, God created You to be'☯


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☯A quote about YOU☯

PROMPT: Given First Line

'Be the You God Created You to be.'
'Be who God created you to be.' 
By DR. Michelle Bengtson

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PROMPT: One-Liner




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Be A Light Like The Bright Stars.

PROMPT: Star Wish

when you are alone, just think of this, that there is stars above you and each one cares about you and your feeling. when you feel darkened and stressed, just remember that each star wants you to SHINE!!!

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PROMPT: Three Gifts

The Past Is History, And History Is A Mystery.
find out new things, come exploring around with me, through the world.

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Tell The WORLD, About Your Light!!!

PROMPT: Writing for Children Competition 2020

don't be afraid to show who you are,
but rather show the world that you are someone brighter, than any light, and is true-full inside!
Never give up, show the world that you are not just someone, but something better.
...please lever a comment or a like about how you feel about this encouragement...Thank You!!!

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Fun Facts To Have A Good Sleep

PROMPT: Your View

when you are feeling sad, or disturbed, Just think of this.
Think at least, 5 things or more good things that happened today, (no bad or negative things) and then when you finish you go to sleep and you think of it and then you have a good sleep.
Trust me!!!, so try it then leave a comment or a like about it and if it worked.

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