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I'm 15 years old, born in England, but raised in America. I love to draw and write in my free time.

Published Work

Novel Writing Competition 2019

Chapter One - The Worthday

"Dinner's ready!" Neryssa smiled to herself as she stirred a final sprinkling of chicken flavor booster into her homemade algae pasta. Their quarters looked especially cheery tonight, with the vibrant post-storm sunset lending a rosy blush to the translucent walls. The table was set with the same old dishes, but everything seemed fancier with the festive flickering of the holiday candle in the centre.  Shale walked in and hung his jacket by the door, slipping a small package out of the pocket.
            "Coral, Surf! Come on already, I'm famished!" he called the older kids, placing the box beside Coral's plate.
Surf bounded in first, sandy hair sticking out all over the place, a huge grin on his face.
            "What're we eating?" he asked, grabbing the lid off the pot his mom was carrying to the table. "Oh, pasta? Boring!  I hope there's a good surprise for dessert." He flumped down on his chair and pulled a face at...

Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

The Trial

            "Silence!" Elder Conch demanded, glaring sternly over the podium at the gathered Oceanalians. They shifted awkwardly and the angry clamouring became a more discreet susurration of unrest.
            "We are here to pass judgement on Citizen Surf, charged with the crime that he did knowingly sabotage productivity and waste resources!"

A low gasp murmured among the crowd, whose gaze turned to the unfortunate youth in question. Surf's usually unkempt sandy hair seemed especially wild today, clinging in places to his snot streaked cheeks. He was small for 14, skinny even by Oceanalian standards. The sturdy judgment chair dwarfed him, draining away all his usual sunny optimism.

            "It was an accident!" Neryssa protested on behalf of her son, "he told us he was just cleaning the hatchery to earn extra work credits for his sister's Worthday gift, he never meant to spill bleach in the nursery tank!"
Her husband squeezed her arm, urging her to keep quiet.