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I'm 15 years old, born in England, but raised in America. I love to draw and write in my free time.

Peer Reviews


PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2019

I would rewrite with it written more in his own voice so we understand him better. I think also add in little moments of back story - maybe the flickering fire reminds him of Christmas morning back home with his wife and child and makes him feel like crying because he may never see them again. If he has a broken leg or a gashed arm, either make it a feature that he doesn't feel the pain or has super human healing, or else write about the agonizing pain and remember to reference the injury as the story goes on. Overall I liked it, but I was left wanting to know more about the hunter, because I don't know even his name.

7 months

A Refugee's Daughter

PROMPT: Refuge

Keep writing! You could make a whole book of your family's experiences. I bet lots of people would want to read it.

12 months