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Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

When Eyes Open Wide

    It’s 6:00 a.m. and I wake up to the typical Rhode Island rain. I’m late!! I hurry and get ready, guess I’m gonna have to skip breakfast. I run to the bus and make it just in time. I hate the bus, but I can’t drive by myself yet and my mom doesn’t take me out to drive so I don’t think I will anytime soon. I wish I had wings or something so I wouldn’t have to sit in this nasty bus.
    The bus stops and I get on. The bus ride is long and loud, with the same noisy kids. The bus stops and I walk to meet my best friend by my locker. As usual, she’s already waiting for me.
       “Hey, have you done the project for environmental studies? It’s due tomorrow and I haven’t actually done the experiment” she said.  We both laugh.
        “Wow, such a scholar” I tease.
         We walk to class and...