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Cloak and Dagger by Fubenuh Sama

Fubenuh Sama
                                                              Cloak And Dagger Orgins

Tyrone was a boy with a troubled pass he lived in the ghetto of New Orleans and looked up to his brother he was his idol and followed him everywhere his name was Billy . One day Billy went to go hang out with his friends and Tyrone wanted to follow him Billy did not want tyrone to follow him but his Mom had forced him to take Tyrone with him and Billy tried to plead with his Mom for him Not to take Tyrone, but the mother refused.so Tyrone went to go hang out with Billy and his friends and they were playing basketball. It was quite chilly and Tyrone was cold , so he told Billy and Billy knew as the big brother he had to take care of his younger brother so he gave him his hoodie to wear.After they were done playing basketball, they went to go hang...