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I have been here for years, once in the open. Now in the shadows. I have lurked as my memories lingered.

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The Hunt Begins,

I have been on this site for years and was once active, but now have disappeared. I want to reappear. However I don't know if anyone remembers me. So the first person to comment my username on a post will get the prize in my message. Limit one guess per post I make. Clues will be hidden in all of the posts I make. The posts will be named in numerical order, you can therefore find the first thing I posted by finding my post "1". If you want to go further and create theories about who I am, create writing posts and comment on any post telling me about it. I will confirm or deny all usernames in the next writing post. Please join me for this adventure. I think it will be lots of fun, like my posts the Hunt Begins to join.

Published Work

[read my comments as there is more info] The Hunt Begins to find my alt (like to join, prize is in my bio)

Really quickly...I haven't been active on this site for months. I want to see if anyone remembers me though, so I will be active and want to see if anyone can find out my old username. There is a prize, which can be found in my bio. Thanks.

<the next paragraph was not in my message, read it, it has some more information>

I have unfollowed everyone to prevent people from tracking me down that way. I will refollow them once I am figured out. However there is one fluke that could make this too easy, so far though I will make it hard. Please like this post to join the hunt, therefore I know when to start my first hint. Once enough people join I will begin, so you can also follow me to receive notifications of my posts in your "following" section. Thank you.

I have been on this site for years and was once active, but now...