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My ears are open to the music
an apologetic kind of song
where I'm not the only person
where I'm not the only one,
to dream and wish
for a better life,
I can't change the way I am,
or who I love
or what I think 
and when the world
is on the brink
of downfall
They'll turn to me and say
I'm sorry for the things,
those quiet little
things I said 
and all the days 
I made you dread.

I hated you 
I didn't ask why
But I never wanted 
you to die.

Broken Stars

I don't believe in God, or supernatural beings,
or every day's afresh and we start again from our beginnings
each morning, when we rise from our beds
because one day you'll be judged for the
things inside your head.
And I don't mean in Heaven
or the magistrates of Hell,
and you can say what you like 
but if the things that you tell
were written on your skin
Would you still be beautiful?

Because the child that's rejected 
will return strong 
and when you see the fire in their eyes,
you will believe you were wrong,
 And when they burn down the village
from where they were thrown out of
they will smile to feel the warmth 
of the fiery dreams that you doubted

Because if you break the fragile child
that was so easy to crack
you don't know what they're capable of 
they will return back
from the ashes 
like a phoenix in the fire 
because they...


I am going to start this by talking about Disney, which might seem a bit strange considering the topic. But with Disney we all have a favourite character, and they are usually the main, funny, protagonist characters and are rarely the villains. And it's very clear who the villains are for example Scar is the villain in the lion king, Jafar in Aladdin, Ursula in the Little Mermaid and so on. We all know them and can easily distinguish between the good and the bad characters. 
So if I give you one Disney film as an example, Pocahontas. Pocahontas is a film where some  English Voyagers go to a place in North America-where a North American tribe lived- in hope of finding gold to become wealthy. Things carry on and one of the English men ends up killing one of the tribes men and the people of the tribe kidnap one of the English men. This is where the two...


You know we're all broken
Or just a little frayed at the edges
but there's always little cracks somewhere or other
and some people are just so good at finding them.

Punching away at a shattered corner,
making fracture lines in the already weak glass. 
Not knowing that that is the only thing we're left clinging on to.

Some of them don't understand the broken centre;
the breaks of human kind,
and continue to break the shattered window,
instead of looking through it to the real person
and when that's the only thing were left holding onto 
the human mind is so good at letting go.

Unplugged: Op-Ed Competition

Trapped in a cage that is open.

Eyes lit up by this artificial light, pixels and likes the new friends, and the social media followers flowing through our blood streams like drugs: extreme highs and bloody awful lows that can't be avoided. The problem is we're all addicted, injecting our bodies with a foreign substance: attention. It's the new currency, worth so much more than money in the eyes of the generations. Once you taste it you want more and more. You can't escape.

If social media were listed in drug stores and supermarkets would you buy it? Brightly colored packaging advertising fame, wealth and attention. But once you turn over the packet you see listed under side effects you would see words like, public shaming, self-hate and depression mixing with phrases like anxiety and suicide. You wouldn't buy it would you? And that's one of the big things that's only come up very recently in the past few years, mental heath. It was over looked for...