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hearts timings

I peer into my soul,
I am lost.
I see nothing, it's frozen.
Time takes its toll,
I defrost.
I'm cold, ice by the dozen. 
The night screams into the cold,
It takes a cost.
My heart partakes in depression's coven.


blind love, blind loss

he is golden.
the sun blesses him with it's shine,
the radiance in his eyes,
his love comes as no surprise,
his loss, a demise.

my heart's pleasure.
to revel in such a high,
of his lovingness being blind
his gratitude, too kind,
in him I confide. 

I miss his light,
it was one too hard to find,
so now I pry
at my own eyes
in search of his kind,
I am blind.


Tiny Love

My best friend

He is gone, his love remains a reminder. His beady brown eyes I would see every morning, the tap of his claws along the floorboards, noises of excitement exerting to such a small body. Happy kisses and whines of joy, the swish of his tail, the flap of his over-hanging ears. It's extraordinary, how love can radiate from such a small thing, how it can be the only thing that loves another more than itself. In my heart, he holds a place that capsules my deepest loving, and forever I will be grateful that he showed me the joys of living. 

keep trying, love

we try
we get knocked over by our own fragility
but we get back up
life is unfair to us, as it is to the world
but there is beauty
there is beauty in everything
in the way a person smiles with pure joy
their laughs are contagious
the love the earth has to give to it's inhabitants despite the chaos they've caused
be like the earth
give everything you have for those who are loving and deserving
give love to those are are just naive, show them how to be kind
give nothing but a stare to those who stare back
be strong
be proud
be brave
the world loves you
it needs kindness like you
don't let the hate of the world destroy you like it destroyed those who contain it


at first, you're unaware
it comes to you in a warm embrace
it shields your trauma with a false comfort, a false hope
it cozens you as it smooths away your tears
it pours salt into your soul as it tells you its sugar
it gives you a drink to which the ice sinks
it plays out a fantasy, an endless dream perceived as hope
you think you can conquer it,
you cant.
you never can.
when it's too late, you've realised you've been played.



reality dawns upon me
and scares me back into hiding
where my own fantasy plays out
bringing a danger thats alarming

when i return from my dreams 
im given a gift
not one thats good,
only the deepest sorrow i shall not lift

i feel a loss and a longing
for the universe i cannot reach
for this world i've been brought to
is not mine to be preached

home is not where my heart is
my heart is not where home shall be
i shall sit here, and whither, and wait
until my mind and my heart decide to separate


woman in the window

the woman in the window
she says nothing, only breathes
hears nothing, only sees

i say aloud, in a quiet whisper
"woman in the window, won't you come hither"
and each time, with a subtle breathe
her eyes glaze over, her hand remains on her chest

woman in the window, please see me
walk away from that seat
below the grey ceiling

life is only here to be lived
and without life, what could you give?



It is only so powerful
So dangerous
And I want it more.
Holding back, I am,
For I am afraid.
Be afraid no more, I shall.
I cannot live in this fear.

Every day

Every day
I wake up the same
I look at the clock
The same date remains
Forever I've been locked in here
Each memory won't disappear
I can't remember the last time
I could memorise the sun's light
Trying to think of what day it is
Is difficult when the same day is all that there is
Trying to count the days of the week
Comes as a struggle to those in need
Each day remains the same
Each second playing out the same way

Every day,
I wake up the same.


I hear your voice and my insides quiver.
I see your smile and my blood gets warmer.
My heart quakes, my legs shake, and my lungs get tighter.
My mouth dries up at your words
Take my life, I beg of you.
Hold my soul in your hands.
See the way it clings to you.
It won't leave now, even if it wants to.
It's addicted to you.


Tell me what you see

Tell me what you see,
When you look at me.
Do you look into my eyes,
And see the vast green sea?
How about emeralds,
Shining above all else.
A small aloe vera plant,
Sitting on a shelf.

What colours can you see,
When you look at me?
Do I radiate reds and oranges,
A fiery consistency?
Or am I a gentle and calm,
Teal and blue?
What you want to see,
Is up to you.

Mid-February Grab Bag

What do I see?

About the first thing you see when you close your eyes. (by Lata.B

A void blankets my eyelids
Little by little they reveal themselves
Small, shimmering, glittering stars the size of dust particles.
A cloud of colours, purple, blues, greens and greys.
And little by little I fall deeper.
Deeper into the gaze of the home of Gaea.
The ocean in which the gods live.
The stars are the seegrass,
The debris is the plankton feasting on decay.
The blackness is the water.
In space or the ocean, you float either way.


Allow your mind relief

The light shines bright
As I shield my eyes
From divinity as such

My hands are held high
As I gaze into the sky
My mind can only hold so much

The sun pries my eyes
As the ocean flies high
For the world cannot fathom it's touch 

A Soul Of Divinity

The ocean, so blue, so dangerous
Like eyes that pry into my soul
A hunger detained
A desire untrained
A touch so difficult to handle

The moon, so pale, so bright
Like their skin, so radiant in the night
A light so mental
A soul so gentle
A force you cannot fight

The sun, so fierce, so alluring
Like the force that pulls you closer to the morning
Lips so enticing
Words so frightening
A thrill you can't be disliking 



I float within endless boundaries 
The reflections rebound off me in waves
My ears are empty
My brain is silent
My limbs are numb in self-possession

I feel every jolt in my body
Every conk of my muscles' workings
The water is cold against my face
But with this, I find my place

Early waking

I rise at the hour of six and sit, and wait, as the clock ticks.
I present myself to the outside sun as the trees rustle their leaves and the sky blooms from the night.
Voices are dimmed, streets are stripped to tarmac and posts as cars remain still and untouched from dusk.
Colours are vibrant, the breeze is silent but caresses the faces of those who are of early waking.
Such a time as dawn is the time in which you can hear the ringings and the ticks of the time passing by, birds in your ears and spring in your eye.


What war is doing to us

Fire burns
Skin and bone melted into Earth
People flee into unearthed torment
Mothers and sons and father's daughters, scathed 
Family's homes bombed into the plains
Ashes, ashes, falling as tears
Of the Earth's mourning from the constant fears
Wars rage on and humanity sees depletion 
Soon we'll see nothing as we fight into extinction 


Hold on.

Hold on.

Take a breath.

Look up to the sky.

Hold on.

Breathe deep.

It's okay to cry.

Hold on.

Let it out.

I know that you try.

Hold on.

Keep trying.

Your eyes are telling you lies.

Hold on.

Talk about it.

Don't let it all consume you.

Hold on.

To the hope.

That the world is still with you.

A cycle of night and day.

The clouds are the only ashy remains of the night as they dwell among a sea of pale blues and thriving oranges that sway over the city in a cascade of waves. 
The sweet light caresses everything that has the pleasure of bathing in its warmth, showering us with a blessing that we are unworthy of.
The shadows behind skyscrapers long for the satisfaction that is never given by the light, until it is time for which the sun must sink behind the horizon for it's nightly rest, giving the moon a chance to thrive in it's own beautiful light; a light that is misunderstood and never worshipped like the sun.
The freckles plastered on her surface emit a pale glow that is cold, but equally as loving as the day's blessings. Her minions shimmer around her as the ones lucky enough for this sight roam the darkness below.
The light is a subtle, gentle glow; much different from the...

Open Prompt

What I like

I like the simplicity of a rainy day followed by the ashy remains
I like the smell of musky soil after it soaks up the tears from today's coils
I like the way the clouds aren't afraid to reveal their state of poisonous rage
I like the rainbows that follow a storm in a way that brightens the sky at dawn
I like darkness that swallows the sky and reveals a blanket of glistening lights

But mostly, 

I love the way the night turns to day and the problems from yesterday start to decay