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Charlotte Collins

United States

Yo, I love to write, act, read, sing, sew, and dance. My favorite is writing. Writing stories, blogs, songs, and all kinds of fun stuff. Helping out at my church is also a love of mine. A few fandoms: LOTR, HP, PJO, Eragon, Supernatural, Disney, etc

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Helloooo. Please enjoy my creations and feel free to provide constructive criticism, your opinions, or just state something you can relate to! Love all who give support. If you want, you can ask me to review your work as well!

Published Work

Rebellionaries Ch. 3

Rev's POV

Can I leave?
I ponder what Drey said. He wants to break out. Something I’ve been too scared to do for the past five years. He’s right and I hate that he is. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to know what the world is like now. I don’t want to see how bad everything is. I’m scared. Scared that if I go back to the rebellion, they’ll accept me back. I don’t want them taking me back, only to watch me fail again. I can’t let anyone else down.
    I shake my head and wrap my arms around my legs. I shouldn’t even be considering it! It’s ludicrous.In my five years here, I’ve never seen the opportunity to escape. The guards stay at the top of the stairs, behind two bolted iron doors. I’m never given anything remotely sharp. The grate above me opens into a hallway, where servants are located, bustling to...

Rebellionaries Ch. 2

Chapter Two: Out

I wake, groaning. My head pounds as though I’ve had too many bottles of whiskey. I blink, looking around. I jump, seeing a man curled into a ball near me. I look closely at him, before remembering who it is.
    I never caught his name, I realize, looking at him. And I never told him mine. Huh. Where did my manners go? I smile, thinking about what my dad would say.
    I rub dirt into my palms and start to climb up. The morning sun filters through the grate, and I quickly reach where the sunlight hits the wall. I reach my hand up and feel the light hit my skin. I breathe deeply, trying not to think about life, about my horrendous existence. And for one moment, I believe that I’m okay. I’m at peace.
    “What are you doing?”
    A deep voice snaps me out of my daydream, and I momentarily...

Rebellionaries Ch. 1

Chapter One: Arrival
I jolt up, my body protesting each slight movement, my breath ragged and hoarse in my throat. My mouth feels like cotton, despite the moist air.
“Get up you wretched-“ a guard is cut off by a slam of metal.
“Shut up and give her the food already. I don’t wanna be down here any longer than I have to.” A second guard stands solemnly still, uncomfortable in his uniform.
The first guard grumbles under his breath and slides a plate to me. The plate is full of food. Or what is left of it. Fruit reeks with mold and the meat is burnt. The only decent piece of food on the plate is a slice of bread. Flies hover, but no noticeable flaw can be seen. Of course, without the help from corrective lenses, I could be wrong.
I reach over and grab the bread. I’m not wrong. There is no flaw to be seen by...

Song Writing Competition 2019

Run Away

Run Away

Take a train
Board a plane
Drive a car
Far away

You want to see the world
You want to travel far
You want to go anywhere
And see everything you can

You’re just a runaway
Get a little farther
You’re just a runaway, runaway
You’re just a runaway

But I know how you are
Because I’m the same
You want only to escape

Don’t let them see 
You cry
Only let them see 
You fly

Go beyond the horizon
Go beyond the sea
You wonder what waits out there
Beyond you and me

You’re just a runaway
Get a little farther 
You’re just a runaway, a runaway
You’re just a runaway        (x2)

I know how you are
Because I am the same
You want only to escape

Go but don’t tell them why
Don’t even wait for their reply


Not sure if I'm actually going to write a bunch to go with this, but I have an idea forming for a kind of book, but I need hecka feedback so Imma post the prologue here. Enjoy, or don't. I don't really care all that much. If you do like it, let me know. 


Living alone here brings some comfort. Of course, it occasionally gets rather lonely. But one thought that keeps me going is that safe in here. By myself. It is better than being out there.

Out there, where the world has gone to ash and ruin. Out there, where people steal and kill and hurt their friends and family for the sake of survival. Survival. Such a tedious word. A term for life. We don’t live anymore. We survive.

Only if our lives hadn’t been reduced to the ravenous, instinctual, primitive mindset of a pack of wolves. Yet, not even a pack, because doesn’t a pack...