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Charlotte Collins

United States

Yo, I love to write, act, read, sing, sew, and dance. My favorite is writing. Writing stories, blogs, songs, and all kinds of fun stuff. Helping out at my church is also a love of mine. A few fandoms: LOTR, HP, PJO, Eragon, Supernatural, Disney, etc

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Helloooo. Please enjoy my creations and feel free to provide constructive criticism, your opinions, or just state something you can relate to! Love all who give support. If you want, you can ask me to review your work as well!

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PROMPT: Song Writing Competition 2019

I love the pacing and the repetition of it, kind of like a chant you'd say to yourself to keep from getting too scared. To say the least, I think it is really good and I hope to hear it on the radio one day.

3 months ago