Published Work

Galaxy 6

The planet he had encountered, what a planet it was.
 The unprecedented airlock jaunt trial he had been a guinea pig for, rewarded him with other-worldly visuals, quite literally, in fact. The meager space shuttle resting on a nearby plateau of iridescent rock, fatigued and deprived from travelling so many light years afar from where it had been manufactured, out of the limited and unexplored materials confined to the insignificant, spherical ball of life they may know as Earth, the spacecraft's pilot's venture just beginning. The scene ahead of him, making  his lifeless eyes swim with refractured light and colour, leaving his mouth slightly agape and oblivious, yet impassive body language, frozen to the absence of the function of the brain. It was as if absorbing this sight was re birthing him with a foreign energy, right then in that moment. Icebound a few metres in front of the space capsule, his feet immersed in the fine, sand-like...

Have you ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered,
Who you are?
What you are?
Why you're here?
Have you ever wondered,
If people just take notice,
To seem good enough for the others?
What if,
No-one really cares, you're just floating through existence,
Making no impact, having no meaning.
Have you ever wondered,
If suddenly you just stopped… everything.
Would people even care, take notice, do something
But then there are those,
Rare gems in an endless cave of rock and coal,
Those who actually notice a small bird like me.
Upon a little boat, sailing through the rough seas.
Sees me drowning, and rescues me.
Have you ever wondered,
If they didn't rescue you?

Have you ever wondered...