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Insert Black Girl Here

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

“Mikayla!”, a girl ran toward me grinning. I scanned the room full of pink tights, black leotards, and perfectly coiffed buns, searching for the owner of that name.

“Mikayla, how are you?” the girl continued excitedly assured I was the friend she was looking for.

“Uh, I’m not Mikayla”

“Really? You look so much like her.” She pulled a friend over, “Doesn’t she look so much like Mikayla?”

The friend confirmed that I was indeed the spitting image of Mikayla.

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Black People Don't Eat Sushi

PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2019

“Black people don’t eat sushi.” He said it while I was in the middle of filling a bowl with grits, awaiting their seasoning of butter, salt, and pepper (because that’s the way to best serve grits). It was breakfast time at our small church on the side of the road in an affluent suburb of Nashville TN.  Our church boasts 65 attendees on a good Sunday, and there is always twice enough food. Standing on the hill for 125 years,...

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