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I'm Easton. I have difficulty with a maximum word limit under 10k words, so sometimes a piece of my work may feel unfinished if there's a word limit. I don't understand people who don't like to read pr write, hence my presence on here. Any questions? Ask them! I promise I'm not that scary.

Published Work

On Courage

The Ace of Spades

Black heels against the pavement.
That same line except this time as black sneakers.

Grey, tight, knee length shorts keep the wind at them with pride.
Grey, long, loose fitted pants that go down to the ankles worn with nerves.

White, tight, belly length tube top bright as a summer day.
White, loose, long sleeved button up muted by its age.

Deep purple, matte, liquid lipstick accompanied with a raging smile and a bright, purple, shoulder length wig.
Deep purple, velvet sweater vest worn with a nervous smile and lavender stud earrings.

This person walks in a pride parade as an upside-down asexual pride flag.
That very same person walks into a board room on their first day of work in June at their new job. 

Being in and out of the closet is tricky yet, manageable.
Be safe everybody.
I'm proud of you.

Words on a Page

Here I move my pen.
Here I scribble out that useless sentence.
Here I note what I need to do.
Here I pause.
Here I read.
Here I delete everything and restart.
Here I want to put it down for a while and listen.
Here I work and think and publish.
This is a piece of writing.

The Keys Click.

Tap tap.
Tap tap.
Tap tap.
Keyboards clicking,
Revision history,
Can't see dirt under my nails.
When will the tap tap tapping stop?
Tap tap.
Tap tap.
Tap tap.
Laptop keyboard.

Unplugged: Op-Ed Competition

How Bad Can 1 Week Be?

    Social Media. It's good for keeping up with celebrities lives, your friends, memes- but how important is it really? Can it be addicting? This week I'm giving myself a challenge- delete all social media from my phone and see how I do each day without it. My expectations for this week are that I'll do fairly well.
    Day 1- Today has been, well... Absolutely fine. I got work done that I may have typically procrastinated on, going on social media to keep from having to do it. Honestly, with how today went, can't say that I'll miss it that much.
    Day 2- Today I had to do some school work on my Chromebook, and it was fine. I also re-picked-up a couple of hobbies that I no longer typically do that much anymore. All in all, I would call today is a success.
    Day 3- It's Friday! Honestly, I feel like today...

Food Writing Competition 2019

I Liked Making Snowmen With Mom

Today in class we learned that we were going to be watching the movie version of Charlotte’s Web in class in a few days and that if we wanted to make something and bring it in to share with the class, we could, we just had to have one of our parents tell our teacher and drop it off with us. Now, I am standing in the kitchen with my Mom, barely able to see the counter, dark brown curls pulled back into a ponytail because having your hair in your face isn’t healthy when you cook or bake. I also already washed my hands, because germs are yucky.
“Hey, Mom, can I wear the John Deere apron, pllleeeaaassseeee????” I beg to wear the dark green fabric outlined in a bright mustard yellow along with the logo being the same shade. I absolutely adore that apron. Despite its extreme bigness on me, I always have loved that apron because I...