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Writing about the dwarves and playing the dungeons and the dragons. 17, and looking to get published someday.
Also growing an obsession with modular synthesizers.
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A smart person knows what to say, a charismatic person knows how to say it, and a wise person knows whether or not it should be said.
It doesn't matter how terrible you think you are- what matters is who you want to become; who you strive to be. Because destiny does not lie in the present circumstance, but rather with intention and potential.
The man or woman who stands aside as they witness a tragedy is not always bad- but rather scared. Fear is the ultimate motivator, and not all who stand are brave.
The stars direct us, they lead us. God is in every moment. But he does not rule our destiny. It is within our hearts that the future lies. The divine merely helps our decisions make an impact.
Truth is true even if no one believes it.

Peer Reviews

The Flowers Have Been Watered With Blood#hearmyvoice


My immediate thoughts: There is no clear distinction between scenes. Reading one thing and suddenly being somewhere else can be frustrating to read. My lingering thoughts: The ideas presented in this piece are amazing in their own right, although the delivery suffers at times. Final thoughts: I like this piece! While it drags at times, the various blood scenes are rather entertaining.

8 days ago

life is full of stars


I rewrote this after it crashed. Also on mobile too, so please excuse any grammar errors in this. Sorry if this review is a little lackluster, I had very odd circumstances to write it in. Perhaps I will review it again under better conditions

15 days ago

Curiosity Killed the Squirrel: A Thriller #wattlebird


Excellent piece! You have real talent and obviously put a lot of work into... well... your work! This piece must've had a lot of effort put into it, and for that you deserve praise. Thank you so much for posting this, it truly was a delight (and slightly disturbing) to read.

19 days ago

Perfect For Me


Well done! One thing I would recommend practicing with this piece is pacing. While it still flows smoothly in the beginning, the ending kind of (for the lack of a better term) runs into a wall. Still a lovely piece, but the pacing felt strange at the end.

30 days ago

Math Class

PROMPT: Child Narrator

I really really like this piece! While it doesn't read how I would personally imagine a child speaking or telling a story, there's still a lot of meaning hidden in the words, and I'm a sucker for meaning.

about 1 month ago

The Only Thing I’m Certain Of Is That I Want To Feel a Younger Star’s Light Across My Eyelids


Lovely work! Yohr writing always leaves me stunned for a few minutes. The way you add voice to your work is excellent, which makes the writing feel like reality for a few moments.

3 months ago

This Is Where You Exit Scene

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

For getting under 1000 words, my only recommendation is cutting down on unnecessary sentences. If it doesn't contribute to the story, it shouldn't exist. That's my two cents anyways. It can be hard to determine where those sentences might be, and maybe you don't even have them.

4 months ago