Aragorn's ring


United States

Writing about the dwarves and playing the dungeons and the dragons. 17, and looking to get published someday.
Also growing an obsession with modular synthesizers.
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A smart person knows what to say, a charismatic person knows how to say it, and a wise person knows whether or not it should be said.
It doesn't matter how terrible you think you are- what matters is who you want to become; who you strive to be. Because destiny does not lie in the present circumstance, but rather with intention and potential.
The man or woman who stands aside as they witness a tragedy is not always bad- but rather scared. Fear is the ultimate motivator, and not all who stand are brave.
The stars direct us, they lead us. God is in every moment. But he does not rule our destiny. It is within our hearts that the future lies. The divine merely helps our decisions make an impact.
Truth is true even if no one believes it.