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United States

Self taught freelancer. probably 17.
“Why . . . would a penguin be in a piss pot?
"Wait, seriously, what's a piss pot?”
― Pat Shand, Destiny, NY, Volume One: Who I Used to Be
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“Some men will let you down because they get bored with you, or distracted. Or because not letting you down has never been important to them. Some men will let you down and not even realize you were depending on them.”
“A man is better than the worst thing he’s ever done,”
“Deserve is a tricky word.”
- Matthew Colville

“Screw you, I want my final words with you to be indignant and irritated.”
“I have an intelligence of six. I know what I’m doing.”
“You will leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave.”
“Life needs things to live.”
“You act as though the laws of the anthill affect the boot that crushes it.”
- Various members of Vox Machina and their enemies

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