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"Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, you will fall among the stars" - Anonymous

And that's what I do.

Published Work

Your True Family

What will others say when you die?

A loaded, and depressing question, but one that can open the window to ones soul, and let the readers see what lies within.

So, let us open my window for a minute, and take a look.

My parents. Well, I doubt they would care. They might put on a sad face, say they are sad, but inside they are glad they don’t have to put up with me anymore.

My sister. She would be unhappy as well, but just because my parents would be to busy with funeral preparations to pay enough attention to her. Then she would be happy I was gone, happy the person who annoys her, happy the person she hits when I try to hug her is gone.

My Aunt and Uncle. Same as my parents. They believe all the bs my parents have told them about me, about how I am a monster. In all truth, I’m just...

Futures Unknown, Experiences Rewound

Motionless body,
Fire rages,
Red-soaked ground,
Life’s last stages.

Lying still,
Falling Fast,
Bracing Knees,
Window glass.

Flying high,
Patchwork ground,
Cloudless sky.

Slow takeoff,
Happy laughs,
5 years old,
Pink backpack of crafts.

Exiting plans, 
Not a drop of rain,
“It’s ok mommy,
I’m not scared of planes!”

Hope She Likes Her Coffee Cold

Two cups of coffee.

One’s empty.

The other’s getting cold.

I can’t really tell how long I’ve been sitting here.





I feel numb.

I should have been there.

Got the phone call earlier today.

Time slowed down.

Coffee pot shattered on the floor.

Guess I’ll just have to wait a while,

To give her that drink I promised.

Hope she likes her coffee cold.

What I've Always Wanted To Hear

“I’ll pick you up if they push you down, and support you through it all.”

Open Prompt

The Healer And The Healed

Walled away,
Caring heart,
Doesn't want to stay.

My heart's been broken,
Time and Time again,
Trust and love shattered,
For personal ends.

My heart is breaking,
These people that I LOVED!
Betrayed my trust,
Were the ones that shoved.

They pushed me from the ledge,
I screamed, their names I called,
They just sat back and laughed,

No one is doing ANYTHING,
These bruises go ignored,
People laugh at my pain,

Can't they see my face,
Is a mask to hide my pain,
A front to take the hits,
So i'm not hurt again.

I've built my strong walls,
To lock my feelings in,
But it's just a house of glass,
About to cave right in.

If I let you see the TRUE me,
You now hold a stone,
You now hold my trust,
The power to break my home.

If you hold that rock,

Humans Will Be Humans

    Peace. What a laughable word. As far back as the world had been, there was conflict. So, why was it that people thought they could eliminate it? It would only delay the inevitable, as far as the people were concerned. They were right. No sooner than the Rules were put in place, the laws for any and all society, did people start to fight. To rebel. They were never seen again. Our people had colonised the stars, had visited places far away and unknown to us, and this was the miserable, laughable result.

    On occasion, one of the human race would have different traits. Different abilities. They weren't like normal humans. They were better. They were immortal. They had much higher intelligence, better endurance, better sight, smell, all the senses were enhanced, and each one possessed a special ability. A power only they could use. The government called them Veni. Sometimes there were repeats, and more than one of the...

Truest Sentence

People pretend to like you, their friendships may not be true, but no matter the life you live, true friends stay with you.

Underappreciated Sky

Blue velvet,
Starry sky,
Never ending,
Golden light.

Colored clouds,
Bright red sun,
Deep turquoise,
Wispy love.

Appreciate the blue,
The cloudy vast expanses,
For soon it might be gone,
And missed by all the masses.

So when you walk right under,
This shining sea of air,
Remember to look up,
Love what was always there.

Was It Worth What You Won?

Swords and duels,
Toils and troubles,
Jump to your feet,
Fight on the double.

Never a question,
Never a word,
10 paces fire,
Not thought as absurd.

You question your honor,
Your life,
What you’ve done,
such a needless sacrifice.

Was it worth what you won?

No Single Story

Humans We Remain

No matter the obstacle,
No matter the obstruction,
No matter the hate,
We ignore the destruction.

The people that have wronged us,
Leave rubble in their path,
They blame it on the innocent,
Immigrants would never do that.

We strive to build a life,
Our kids will want to live,
A safe fantastical empire,
Built on dreams we cannot give.

Life seeks to shove us down,
You people hate our ways,
You blame us for misfortunes,
Set our lives ablaze.

You take away 10 years of work,
Ship us right back home,
We are always the animals,
But humans we remain.

Inside we cry with anguish,
As our children are left alone,
To face the outside world head on,
We pretend our hearts are stone.

But when you boil our existence down,
What we’ve said, worked and won,
The vile trip we had to take,
Immigrants always get the job done.

Now to Then


Motionless body,
Fire rages,
Red-soaked ground,
Life's last stages.

Lying still,
Falling Fast,
Bracing Knees,
Window glass.

Flying high,
Patchwork ground,
Cloudless sky.

Slow takeoff,
Happy laughs,
5 years old,
Pink backpack of crafts.

Exiting plans, 
Not a drop of rain,
"It's ok mommy,
I'm not scared of planes!"

What Is A Story?

If you think about it, what is a story? I could write a story about me, in this moment, and simply follow my thoughts. I could tell a story about me telling a story. I could even just write a string of words as they come to me, and that is a story I am part of. The string of seemingly random words is a puzzle you must interpret, a lock that you must find the key for. Because when you look at that string of words, and try to connect them together, you are trying to understand that person’s thought process, and once you fully understand that about a person, you know who they truly are. One you are able to connect all these words together, you not only know the person’s thoughts, you know their personal life well. When you connect these words in your mind ant try to make sense of them, there is an underlying personal...

Lord Of The Flies Archetype Paper

    In William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies, many curious and interesting archetypes can be found, which are often dark in tone and nature. The whole point of the novel was to thoroughly investigate the topic of the “Noble Savage” and show that no matter what you do, man has basic instincts that will take over if left unsupervised. Because of the fact that the author wished to convey a deeper meaning in the book, the passages are riddled with many archetypes and double meanings, all of which contribute to the characters overall development. One of the more prominent archetypes is the weapons, which represent death and the act of killing, hate and focused ambition, and the overall degradation of the children into a savage like and unorganized society.

    In the beginning of the novel, the weapons represent death and the act of killing. Early on, the children made spears in order to hunt the pigs which are native to the...

Was It Worth What You Won?

Swords and duels,
Toils and troubles,
Jump to your feet,
Fight on the double.

Never a question,
Never a word,
10 paces fire,
Not thought as absurd.

You question your honor,
Your life,
What you’ve done,
Such a needless sacrifice.

Was it worth what you won?

Micro Memoir

Only A Bird Exists

Flapping wings,
Soaring high,
Fluffy clouds,
Dappled light.

Airborn bird,
Majestic flight,
Starry sky,
Black-cloaked night.


Water Body

Ocean Waves

Ocean waves rock me,
The blankets of the earth,
Salty blue calmness,
My wild foaming birth.

I sleep on waves of blue,
Rest upon the sand,
Listen to this water,
In this bright blue wonderland.

This serene plain of aqua,
This flat pane of teal,
Can become a monster,
And kill with wild zeal.

Dark clouds loom,
Wild lightning in the sky,
My beautiful bed of turquoise, 
Has turned to a killer who lies.

But when my friend calms down,
Becomes happy again,
I listen to the waves,
And rest upon the sand.

Remember Him (Obituary)

Today, let’s take a bit of a departure in tone, and talk about some non-fiction life stuff.

I would like you, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, to bow your head and have a moment of silence to honor the life of a man.

His name, Jerry Wolkowitz.

Google him.

Done it yet?

Horrified yet?

He did not deserve what he got.

Also, don’t believe the articles, it was not a race based attack.

It was religion based.

Jerry was a Jew.

He was hit over the head repeatedly, and dragged into the middle of the parking lot.
The guy then stole his car, and drove over him 3 times.

Jerry died 6 months later.

His tombstone service was last week.

If you are wondering, no, this is not a random obituary.

I knew him.

My family knew him.

He was a nice quiet guy.



What could possibly make it worse?

His parents buried their son.


Soul Eater

Cursed to wander ever forever,
To search out the unforchunate other,
To never cease the endless searching,
My only title; the darkest Soul Eater.

Searching, looking, for the one,
Tasting souls left and right,
Eating grainy, sandy, gritty sludge,
Wispy blacked terror of the night.

Sailing seas of vast blue pain,
Walking streets of gray depression,
Seeking out the one who will,
Free me from this march of aggression.

Seeking, searching, running, looking,
I need his soul to free me,
I am trapped to wander on this earth,
He did this unapologetically.

When I find his grimy face,
His life devoid of beauty,
I will swallow his black, dark being,
For only his soul could cure me.

Your Lies

You’re the guy,
Who fed me lies,
You’re the guy,
Who ended my life.

You’re the guy,
Who’s handsome face,
Swept me off my feet that night,
With your hands covered with lace.

But little did I know,
Your face covered,
With that deep black mask,
Was hiding lies undiscovered.

You told me the truth,
Honey covered lies,
It was all a plot,
To end my life.

I offended your gang,
I punched his chest,
Your petty revenge,
Would kill me at best.

Brought me to your car,
Twelve at night,
Tied me up,
Drove while telling lies.

Wooden floor.

You peeled off the cloth,
Restricting my eyes,
I saw your face,
Your evil eyes.

In that moment,
I knew in a snap,
My life was over,
That was that.

Two years later,
They find my body,
Tied and gagged,
It’s your gruesome hobby.

I’m floating in the river,
Horror in my eyes,
My ripped red dress, ...

Our Gray Little Girl

You see in black and white,
Right and wrong,
Yes and no,
Short and long.

You and me,
Whispers and yells,
North and south,
Secrets and tells.

Polar opposites,
You and me,
You stuck her in the middle,

Our child knows not,
Why you and I,
Fight cloak and dagger,
All the time.

Pushing and pulling,
Positive and negative,
Caught in the middle.

She’s most like me,
Loves flowers and sand,
Misses her papa,
Wants to hold his hand.

Alcohol and smoke,
Never raise a child,
In a house like that,
Your face looking wild.

We live now by the sea side,
With the flowers and the sand,
But our gray little girl,
Still misses your hand.



I have always known things I should not have known. When I was 4, I knew things about wars I had never heard about. I would go up to older people I had never met before, and call them by their first names. I would sing songs of sadness and hope in German and Polish, but I knew nether language. But oddest of all, was the house. 2 miles from my childhood home, was a small, blue, abandoned cottage. I convinced my parents to go there. When we did, I walked around saying, "I used to sit here and listen to the radio. This was where I slept. This was where my mom died. But you are the best mom I've ever had." My mom responded with a smile, "But I'm the only mom you've ever had!" "No. I've had 12. But you're the best." When I was growing up, I always had a strong attraction and knowledge of WWII,...

The Unlikely Dreamer

Undisturbed sleep,
Evil dreams,
I´ve dreamed thrice before,
I live in this destructive regime.

Man with a scythe,
The grim reaper,
He’s come to kill me,
The unlikely dreamer.

He comes toward me,
This tall grim reaper,
He swings and kills me,
The unlikely dreamer.

I wake up with a start,
I’ve dreamed the future before,
I´m never wrong,
I´m scared to the core.

The door creaks open,
It’s the tall, gangly, reaper,
He’s come for me,
The unlikely dreamer.

I say a quick prayer,
Then swings the reaper,
It descends upon me,
The unlikely dreamer.

My soul torn from me,
More pain than I’ve ever felt before,
I want to scream,
Then I don’t exist anymore.

Then he leaves,
The black-robed reaper,
He came for me,
The unlikely dreamer.

I will never see the sun again,
The tall, gangly, reaper,
Took my life away,
Took the unlikely dreamer.

What The American Flag Means To Me Essay Contest Entry

    The American flag is a symbol of freedom. It screams out to other countries, “We are free! No one will EVER rule over us!” The flag’s thirteen stripes and fifty stars show that we, as a county, are free from kings and emperors, dictators and monarchs. The first thirteen colonies started the quest for freedom, and the fifty states still continue that mission today. As Francis Scott Key so rightly thought that night, looking over the water at Fort McHenry, Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, over the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Thanks for reading! I am entering this in a local essay contest, so what do you think? Will it win?

Humanities's Biggest Problem

Slavery. Just plain and simple. It might not be in the U.S, but it still exists in other countries. The enslavement and forced servitude of other humans. I don’t care about their supposed “crime”, it’s wrong. People being sold for “Blood Money,” starved to death, tortured. It’s just plain wrong.

Space Immigrants

On a starship, flying past planets. Saturn’s rings shine like gold. Pluto is the outcast. Farther and farther we fly, escaping the earth, and the war that we left behind. Me and 99 other people, none of which I know, spent all our savings, just to have a new life. In a way, we are immigrants. Space immigrants. Suddenly an alarm blares. A large asteroid looms into view. In a fleeting moment, I know, we won’t make it to a new planet. A crunching crack. A flash of light. A moment of unimaginable pain. Blackness envelops me. The world ends.

There Comes The Dawn

War can be dangerous.
Lives can be ended.
People killed.
Their families undefended.
This war hurts us all
But then we stop, like we hit a wall.
We can’t go any longer,
We want to die,
We just don’t care.
It would be so much easier to just lie there.
To let the pain ebb away,
To never see the light again,
To die in peace,
To let the darkness envelop.
But we get up,
To fight for the ones we love,
We will not go down so easy,
We will fly like a dove.

To give you hope,
To give you peace,
To give you life,
To make this war cease.

This whole thing goes on in people’s minds every day,
We fight the things that we hate,
But some things consume you.
If you let the war take you over,
Let the hate control you,
Your purpose is lost,
Your soul just flew.

If flew away,
To depths...

Over Mountains Bright And Cold

Over mountains bright and cold,
Where we sing those songs of old,
Where things lie,
Some best unseen,
A monster sleeps down in the deep.

A monster that can swoop and kill,
Can swallow towns up on the hills.
So if he comes,
Run and hide,
For the water will rise,
And people will die.

Over hill and over dale,
Through the rain and the blustery gale,
The water rises and envelops the town,
Not a single survivor, not one person left,
They all are dead,
They all have drowned.

So never venture past your town,
Never trust those songs of old,
Even if they promise caves of gold,
Never climb those mountains cold.

Beware The Ides Of March

Beware the ides of March,
Tis no human name,
Those who saw it last...

Stop old maid.
Let it pass.

Tell me the future soothsayer,
Tell what lies before me,
Over whom will I be in charge…

Halt, you emperor’s trainee.
Beware the ides of march.

Listen to my words,
For if you don’t take heed,
Your demise will be untimely...

STOP! You’re full of greed!
You pursue my riches unshyly!

I will not be tricked you clever feind,
I will leave your house,
And live my life, NO FORTUNES …

If you wish, you kings louse,
You will be cursed to roam,
Your soul will never rest.

Remember sir,
I tried my best.

I tried to let you live,
But you did not take heed,
You will never again be in charge,

Remember lord,
Beware the ides of March.

All Pencils Have Feelings




My life is on repeat,
But with every rewind I grow smaller,
With every use I diminish,
Until I am no longer taller,
I am now the smallest.

I live to be used,
But once I have served my purpose,
I am discarded,
Tossed into the bin,

Many things can be done with me,
Careers shaped,
Lives changed,
Stories created,
Parties arranged.

My life in your hands,
My lead laying out a silver trail,
Words that change the world,
Large scrolls of lines,
I have unfurled.

You don’t really realize,
That we have significance,
We have meanings,
Pencils have a heart,
Pencils have feelings.

So when you toss me away,
We have meanings,
We have emotions,
All pencils have feelings.

Like My Sister

I have stared. For years I have stared at the barred window of my prison cell, wondering how long I have been here. Like my sister did, so long ago. Time travel. It’s a fickle thing. And dangerous. And deadly. I meant only to teleport me to the portal. The one that would let me see my sister again. I failed. I was teleported to the void, where I hovered for millennia, unable to teleport out. Like my sister. Immortality can be a pain. Then I crashed to earth. I was put in prison, because I had flown. Like my sister. People were scared of me. They were scared of her too. But tonight is the day the planets align. I will escape. I will teleport out. Like my sister did, into infinity. Backward, forward, I don’t care. The only thing I know, is that no one will ever find me. Like my sister was lost. I will become memory,...

Unique... She whispers

UGLY! They shout,
Unique... She whispers.

FREAK! They yell,
Kind... She sighs.

NERD! They scream,
SHY! She cries.

No matter their words,
She never took heed.

But now she fights back,
She will not flee.


10 weeks in,
I’m no longer free.
No sleep at all,
The memories haunt me,
That night I lost it all.

The car swerved aside,
Tried not to hit a deer,
A screech of the tires,
We fell down the cliff,
The fog growing clear.

1 heartbeat in,
I feel terror,
Like I have never felt before,
And in the back of my mind,
A deep quieted horror.

2 heartbeats in,
The horror grows,
I wonder if I will ever live,
To see another day,
And in my heart I know.

3 heartbeats in,
My parents start to scream,
So far to fall,
My sister clutches my hand,
She knows we might lose it all.

4 heartbeats in,
The ground rushes up to meet us,
I can see the rocks,
Lying there so peacefully,
They don’t know I’m about to lose it all.

5 heartbeats in,
We hit the ground,
In slow motion I see my sister,
Her heart pierced...

All I See Is Green


Two words that rhyme.
They fit her well.

She owns the school.
I cower under her rule.

She can punch.
She can hit.

Her words cut deep.
I want to flee.

The green hoodie.
It bobs through the crowd.

I can see it well.
I’m about to enter hell.

I don’t remember much.
I was trapped in my locker.

I don’t make a sound.
No one knows I’m around.

No one can find me.
I sit and hide all day.

Tomorrows today.
I ran away.

I flew along the road.
I ran along the highway.

I found a bridge.
I lept off the ledge.

The grass rushes up to me.
I hear screams.

I remember her hoodie.
All I see is green.


I wake up with a fuzzy feeling in my mouth, but don’t open my eyes. The last thing I can remember was drinking with my friends at the bar. We had just aced our end-of-year exams, and decided to celebrate. I had drunk too much, staggered home, and crashed in bed with my dog at my side. With the darkness pressing in on my eyes, I used other senses. The comforting warmth of my dog lying next to me. The cool, floating feeling of the cotton sheets, with a high thread count. They were the only sheets I felt comfortable in. The white light shining through my eyelids. The warm summer breeze caressing my face. As I became aware of my body, I felt a lump on the back of my head, and realized that my ponytail was still on. I also remembered I had not taken off my shoes. I stood up, still not opening my eyes, and my...

It's Not A Joke

Thin cylinder of paper,
Click of a lighter,
Will I be a fighter?

Are you a chicken?!”
“Come on!”
“She’s too scared”
“You’re such a moron!”

Deep breath,
Puff of smoke,
Life changes,
It’s not a joke.

“She did it!”
“You’re one of us!”
“ Come on Taylor!”
“You’re a boss!”

It’s fruitless,
One use,
You’re condemned,
Yet you have no clue.

Slow death,
I want to go back,
To tell that bullied girl,
That you can’t go back.

Deep breath,

Puff of smoke,

Life changes,

It’s not a joke.


I Fall



I jump..........

I fall.


Dark hallways,
Empty classrooms,
Chairs strewn about at random.

Monsters lurk where I can’t see,
Figments of my mind,
I want to flee,
But I’m held by what I left behind.

Mental powers,
I could destroy whatever I wished,
They came to take me away,
But I ran and was not missed.

I fled as far as I could,
To the only place that felt familiar,
To this old abandoned school,
To live the half-life of a killer.

I killed him,
The one who came that day,
He was dead with the click of a trigger,
He came to take me away.

So I must stay here,
In this old abandoned prison,
Thinking about the normal life I left behind,
Trapped in this school by my own admission.

I Am No Longer Bound

I live in the silence,
I want to scream,
But my voice is not heard,
I feel like I’m in a dream.

I live in the silence,
Never a friend,
All alone,
Abandoned again.

Betrayal clouds the air,
She was not my companion,
She is a liar,
I now live forgotten.

Who wants to be friends,
With the girl in the back,
With her hood up,
It’s just confidence she lacks.

I look up as someone come near,
“Hi. What to be friends?”
A smile spreads across my face,
I know my silence is about to end.

I nod with confidence,
I pull down my hood,
I smile at her,
The silence is gone for good.

A burst color,
A burst of sound,
I’m now alive,
I am no longer bound.