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"Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, you will fall among the stars" - Anonymous

And that's what I do.

Peer Reviews

Scribble Scrabble


For this piece in particular, I really REALLY enjoy the rhyming!!!! So many shorter pieces already have a specific message they want to get across, (Which is not a bad thing!) and in order to do this often make rhymes or questionable decisions that interrupt the natural flow of the work, just to get a point across. This work however, does not do that. It has a natural flow and rhythm, and you don't have to work at all in order to read what was truly written. Phenomenal! *Loud clapping from corner of room where I'm curled up with a fluffy blanket and my dog while it rains buckets and turtles and squirrels and all sorts of other things*

11 months

Let Her Go, They Said. It'll Be Easy, They Said.


Amazing job! This is truly a work of art, and i'm so glad I stumbled upon it. And remember, never stop writing!

12 months