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I hope you get spellbound in the magic of my words. I respect your precious comments and reviews. I like to review as well.
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my girlfriend is crying stars


Speechless piece.

3 months

Lies, Secrets & Action


GREAT EFFORT.Nice plot.Hope you come up with the next part soon:-)

4 months

Queen of the Seas - Midnight


Nice Plot.MUST-READ Piece.PLEASE continue with this story. Queen of the seas is the most apt title for it.

4 months

we're never really more than words


This writing is surely something which I suggest everyone to read and understand. Keep on writing and climbing steps to succeed. I am sorry if I did amy mistakes in reviewing as we all are in the great process of learning.

5 months

do we really care?

PROMPT: Rain or Shine

I think solutions of these problems should be put in the footnote to end the pice on a better note. Your writing is great keep going. All the very best.

5 months


PROMPT: Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

6 months

Brahmamani- the energy of Brahmastra: Part 1

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

I think the second part can be much clear so as for those unaware about mythology. And you can try using good phrases which make the readers feel the situation through imagery. And apology I had no intention to criticize but my aim is that all writers go on improving and if I did a mistake kindly ignore.

9 months

The Quickest, Most Wonderful Mistake I Have Ever Made

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

10 months

It's Okay to Need Help


It was very nice reviewing this wonderful piece. I am not that experienced writer. I have just marked few thing, I saw from my opinion. Realising our mistakes is a better way we could improve. The topic is really appealing to the readers.

11 months

Spicy Happiness

PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2019

11 months