Johanna Marie


Hey there!
My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 16 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

Message from Writer

Feel free to contact me. All the love. Check out my poem book "waves" on wattpad :

Peer Reviews


PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

Really enjoyed this piece!! You're a great writer. xx

9 months

The Dragon Surprise

PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2019

Use more adjectives or synonyms and replace often used words, that will make your story easier to read and much more fun to imagine. Please tell me more about Monteverde, paint a picture. Right now I'm not sure if it is an ordinary city or rather outstanding.

9 months

Social Tendencies

PROMPT: Unplugged: Op-Ed Competition

You use words like "It's" a lot try to use alternatives more often to make your text more interesting for readers. Sometimes a different syntax would sound better as well as shorter sentences. But all in all great work. xx

10 months