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My Story

Thinking back through my years,
When I was so young and so clean,
So happy and laughing so fucking naive.
The people I’d meet who I’d see on the street,
Who’d yell and who’d scream and who’d “compliment” me,
I thought I was lovely a sight to be seen.
Until I met a boy.

To save him some dignity I’ll say his name’s Troy,
He came in my life and he stole all my joy,
He told me he loved me but treated me poor,
As if I wasn’t a women just simply a toy.
An everyday object for him to destroy.

Fast forward years later when I met a man,
Who held my heart in the palm of his hand.
He was older than me and he played in a band.
But if he was so mature then I don’t understand,
How he could treat me as though I can’t do what he can,
Because I’m only a girl...

She's Love

Sunlight drips down her skin like honey.
A prepossessing glow only gods can attain.
The voice of an angel echoes in your ears.
Calling out for you.
Running her fingers along your back.
Like summer rain drizzling down.
Sending shivers all down your spine.
A perpetual chill you can’t shake.
Beauty only seen on movie screens.
A true dream brought to life.
She’s love.

The Wolf

The sun sets along the horizon.
The sky fades from blood to black.
The wolves come out.
Creeping through trenches and alleyways searching for their sheep.
Tearing through anything in their way.
No matter who they hurt.
No one dare disturb them.
No one dare interrupt their hunt.
Once a wolf lays its cold, dead eyes on an innocent.
There’s not stopping it.
There’s no stopping him.
The sheep cries out alone and afraid.
Lost in the darkness.
For no one will heed its calls.
No one will hear it.
No one will hear her.
As no one can brave the wolf.
For he lurks in the shadows of the night.
Waiting for young blood like mine.

Beautiful Fool

You’re so beautiful
I wish you knew
I wish I could tell you
Tell you how your love radiates across the sky
How it shines like the stars twinkling in the night
How your soul is brighter than the sun
Capable of lighting up a thousand moons
Your laugh is not contagious to me like most
Simply because it is so mesmerizing it captivates me
I can’t help but stare
I get so lost in your eyes I forget where I am
Because when you’re around you are all I see
You are all anyone sees
And that is why I could never tell you
Never tell you how much I care
Because there are far too many around me who will cry out that they care more
And although you are beautiful
You’re a beautiful fool
And you will fall right into the trap they have laid

My Love

How do you know when you’re falling out of love?
Is it when the bad times outweigh the good?
Or is it just when you discover you don’t recognize the person standing in front of you?
I’m beginning to question what’s real and what isn’t.
I can’t tell the difference between a lie and the truth so who knows what’s real anymore?
Was it all a lie or was it only bits and pieces?
Do you really want to be with me or is that just deception?
The ability to lie to the person you love most is an admirable but terrifying trait.
Admirable in the sense that it is something most good people are incapable of doing.
And terrifying because it makes you question whether or not they ever loved you in the first place.
You may have just gotten tired.
I know I have.
So why string me along if you’ve grown bored?
Why allow me to continue...