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but i hate harry potter
but i'm not an introvert
Child of Hades
but i don't like percy jackson either
but i'm not slow
but i don't get writer's block

You should know me.

Published Work

Let Her Scream Once

Ever want to scream all the words in you onto paper?

She was strong enough. She was strong enough to keep it all in and keep going when that feeling took hold of her. 
She was strong enough. 

but nobody cared.

Nobody cares how strong you are until they fall.

She's still strong enough, but she has to say something this one time. 
Just this once, she needs to scream.

Then she'll go back to being strong. 
She'll never ask for another favor again. 
She'll never scream out her pain.
She'll keep it inside where nobody can see. They'll only see a smile.

But this time, let her scream.

The Strong Is:

He stands after being beaten.

Eyes still fire bright.

He smiles and lets his enemy walk away.


Dear person,

Yesterday was the first time I've ever been hurt for being homeschooled. Yeah, people have said derogatory things before: unsocialized, nerdy, etc. But yesterday, it hurt.

I was invited by one of my new friends to an ice cream social at her college since I'm college-age. 

And a lady there said it was a shame I was homeschooled. That I missed out on all kinds of stuff like prom. 

I sat there and took it, thinking how great it was that I'd also missed out on shootings.

She kept talking.

I took it, knowing I was smarter than her--a college teacher--and not even close to bragging. 

A girl came in having trouble with her math. I told her how to solve the problem, but she either didn't hear or ignored me.

They cheated to get good grades on their exams, the teacher let them. And they only had work to show in the first few pages of their...


So, here's my dilemma:

I am in love, totally in love. With a fictional character I created.

And since everything we write is an extension of ourselves, is that narcissism? 

Oh, did I mention he's dying?
As in I'm killing him.

So, I am murdering a part of myself that I love. Or something like that.

Is that sane?

Any Questions?

Hi guys. I'm CuaCriaulthy.

Are there any questions you'd like to ask me? 

I'd like to thank @bride124 for coming up with this, by the way :)

So, ask me questions and I'll answer in a few days. 

Thanks :D

xxxx CuaCriaulthy

Love in Words


Dear person,

    I'm apparently crazy. I see these pictures of people online and I fall in love with them immediately. They all look the same: Like a book character I made up. 
    His name is Alastair and I've written three books about him so far. There will be a fourth.
    He has dark hair that falls in light waves to his shoulders. His eyes are silver, so bright you can hardly look at them for long. His face is sometimes serious or sad, but he's perpetually happy. Yes, his skin is on the pale side. 
    And I see people who look like him all over the place; none exactly like him, but each in their own way. I can't help but love them. Even if their just a random person on social media.
    Here's something else: I have read books with other characters who look similar and I don't like...


So, I have a piece where I'd like people to ask me questions and this person did:


Now I have a question:

Who the heck is this person???????

I looked at their profile and it says they left last month. They have a ton of followers, but only 27 published pieces... Over eight months.... and a lot of their pieces have over twenty likes.

I read that they were apparently writing a book on here, but I can only find the first chapter. 
And I see that a ton of other users have given them shout-outs.

So, who were/are they?

What Happened??

I wrote a review yesterday and it's gone. What happened to it????

I looked under 'my reviews' and it's not there. The sidebar says I haven't written any reviews. 


Bread and Light

Feed Me More!

She thrives on negativity, 
Turning it positive with a smile.

She guzzles poetry,
Life in words.

She draws from 
Beauty; gaining inspiration.

She sucks up the demons that feed on others
And bottles them in ink.

She gains strength from a Savior's love,
Getting through every day.

The only elixir denied her
Is the love of a human like her
Who she loves
And creates smiles of darkness for.

A Passion So Deep #sweetlybitter

The writer sits with a notebook she's been filling for two months--the latest of literary endeavors. The words come easily, but so does the blood. She's bleeding as she writes, hands chapped from being rubbed over acres of paper.

But why should she care? They'll heal. 


Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. A very, very happy little girl who dabbled in poetry and short stories. She tried to write larger works occasionally, but it was okay if she didn't finish. 

Life was simple then; she had everything she could want except a farm in the country and Prince Charming. She had games to play and often spent the whole day playing them.

Nothing really mattered. Yes, she wanted to be famous when she grew up--extremely famous--but why worry about it now? 

Then something called time happened and the girl realized that she was growing up faster than she thought. 

At twelve, she decided to try serious writing. At seventeen,...


A q&a from Janna Brown

1. Favorite book? 

N/A because it's one I wrote and I'm not ready to share it.

2. Favorite song?

Currently, Mr. Jones by Counting Crows

3. Favorite music genre?

I like most genres.

4. Hobby? 

Writing! I also like to draw; I do all kinds of pictures to go with my books.

5.Favorite food? 

Uhh.... I have no idea. Not much of a food person, but I like to eat?

6.Would you say you’re more of an extrovert or an introvert? 

Neither. I took the Myer-Briggs personality test and it said 'you have neither introvert nor extrovert preferences' but it put me in introvert anyhow!

7.If you could go back to anytime in history, where would you go?

Medieval fantasy :).

8.What’s your philosophy in life? 

Screw mistakes. They're just as fun as being perfect; sometimes more.
Oh, and love rocks :)

9. What are you passionate about? 

Writing! And anything to do with...

I Write All The Time...

My worst nightmare is to be voiceless.
I write all the time because of that.
So I can tell my soul in full detail.
My worst fear is that I'll be forgotten after I've run out of things to say.
I write all the time because of that.
So my words will never disappear.
My worst enemy is ignorance. Being ignored by others when I put my heart into their hands.
I write all the time because of that.
So that one day, people might see me in this whirlpool they call life
And I call Writing.


I spend five minutes
Jumping through reCAPTCHA hoops
Trying to login 
To this account
And I get to the dashboard
To find...
Guess I sound selfish 


So, there's apparently a trend going around where everybody writes a piece introducing themselves. Mine:

This account is an outlet for a different user to scream her fucking head off until she's done.

She's been writing since five-ish. Her interests include: Writing, writing, music, and more writing. She likes to draw and paint, but it usually ends up as something for her books no matter what. Hence, she'll never need to hire somebody to do her book covers. 

She has tons of sisters and one brother. She loves them all and does her best to be a good big sister to them. 

She is currently trying to get two books published, not counting a collection of poetry. 

She is also feeling a little hurt right now, so cut her some slack please. 

Life was supposed to be a rainbow after her birthday, but it hasn't really changed. She's graduating from high school this Friday and that's supposed to change things...



1. She was strong. She never asked for favors without giving.

2. She was pretty and she knew it. She didn't let anyone make her feel less.

3. She knew how to be happy all the time. 

4. She knew how to make others happy.

5. She still does it. No matter what life throws her way, she is strong enough to put others before herself and make them smile.



9 The happy months she was there

8 Her number of close friends

7 Days of the week she was there supporting them

6 The times she burnt herself out completely for them every day

5 The days until her birthday counted

4 The days until she left

3 The 'friends' who said good-bye

2 The things that made her leave

1 The times she came back 

0 Those who remembered her

She Left

I miss the days when I had friends. It's hard to start over again after you left. After you walked out on them. 

Once, I broke down and went back to them under a new name just to see how they would treat me. I guess that was nice. They didn't know who I was, but that made me sadder. They couldn't tell who I was by anything I did or said.

And worse, they treated me like they always treat newcomers. When I was one of them, I'd warmly welcome everyone; arms always open. 

Only one person welcomed me back.


She thinks maybe she'll walk out on them again. If they don't want her back, even under a different name, why should she stay? It's not worth it anymore to pretend anyhow. She left because she had to, staying in the shadows a little longer because she needed to keep her promises. Promises she made, she had to...



Tonight at the very least
He needs you
Every damn night

We love you
And we hate him
You know that it's not personal,

I'm sorry

And I hope you aren't hurt by your 
Mean sister the 

Queen of cruelty. Just ask your 
Everything he says is a lie.

How 2 WtW

So, I just published my first piece and I don't know what exactly to do. Yeah, I'm a new user, but I'm not a new writer. 

Hi :)