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"seize the day, boys; make your lives extraordinary"
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i wish you'd spare the details


Before you came along, I didn't know it was so possible to be in love with detail. 

I grasp on to every word you say and the way you say them. I grasp on even more tightly to the coffee cup between my hands to keep it slipping from my freshly sweaty palms. I study the corners of your mouth the same way I'd watch the waves in the sea. It's something about the way they'll occasionally twitch upward, or...

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the fourth sunday last june

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

Just a week before, I'd have killed to be anywhere else. Now I'd kill to stay forever. 

The kitchen table is covered with food combinations I've never seen, and surrounded by people I feel like I've known my entire life. The conversation is nothing special; coyotes, fires, the weather back home. For once, time moves by at just the right pace. And it feels so vivid, as if we've somehow found ourselves in a Rembrandt painting or a well thought-out...

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