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"ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which i will not put."

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i like latin and mangoes

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q&a answers

do you like cats?  if you don't, what's your favorite animal?
yes!  i love cats; i have two of them and they are my beloveds and my children.

do you believe in multiple universes / do you believe there's somewhere else inhabited with living things?
to answer the second question - yes, i think it's highly likely that there are at least simple life forms somewhere in the universe.  as to the question of multiple universes, it really depends on what you mean by "universes".  i believe that other planets are probably exhibiting forms of life, but i don't believe in parallel universes or anything like that.

would you rather sit in a very bright room or a totally dark room?
hard choice.  irrational fear of the unknown vs hell on my delicate eyes.

polka dots, pinstripes, or neither?
????  what's the context?

what’s your favorite beatles song/album?
my favorite song is definitely "across the universe."  i know it's a...


ugh i hate trends and i hate succumbing to them even more.  just to be clear, i'm not in favor of the whole "q&a" thing at all - i think that write the world should be used for writing and people need to stop posting here what they'd post on instagram.  but i'm really bored right now.  i still have to write a review and a couple of comments and procrastinating is my favorite hobby.  (fun fact - the word "procrastinate" comes from the latin word "cras", which means "tomorrow."  i love using that fun fact because then i can seem smart while i'm not doing anything).  i started doing a q&a a couple months ago and then i got mad at myself and took it down, so who even knows if this will stay up?
so anyway, sob story over, comment me some questions and i'll answer them.  probably today or tomorrow?  idk.  comment me.

the global cold

in the autumn they filled the leaves with parasites
like genetic star pollution -
brown disease all over our homes,
then pitched like garbage in heavy gusts;
dark as rot, piled twitchily beneath their
ungainly matriarchs.  kids rode bicycles through
their skeletons, rubber on blood, and
the rain pattered them to placid ruins, corpses careful
under eons of void.  these fools took
fistfuls of the autumn and threw them blithely
into youth-ridden faces, gagged on them with dirty teeth,
plummeted their carcasses with scarves pulled
over pink-patched faces.  i hope they feel hated someday.
punishment will come in ghastly symbols, i know,
bulging blizzards and glaciers rimy and gleaming, stacked
brick-like in the streets, and the world will
scream with healthy ignorance.  i miss the leaves;
i mourn for snowed stains, muddy underworlds,
festered bark.  world kicked with cold.
outside they scream.

The Mendax & His Blood (#hearmyvoice)

    Vic was crying severely; his head was whipped about with Chicago wind and he was dazed and confused and sobbing.  He sat crumpled, his head under his arm on a subway bench, which was stooping under his weight, sinking harmfully into the punctured bricks of the station.
    His wails shuddered on the sloped, paneled ceiling, and people stared at the young man on the bench, who clutched a backpack to his chest and wept into his fingers, whose red-brown eyes were lavishly filmed with somber tears.  It was a terrible sight to behold, and many could only glance at the sinking bench and the desolate boy before flipping round and forcedly imagining differently.  A young girl, who had frilled gold-green hair, stared complacently at him for several seconds before her mother's iron palm wrenched her expression onward.  The girl protested, and the woman hushed her with the severity of taboo.  Still the solemn eyes did not look up.
    Among the...

siren song

like my face has been pressed across hot flames
my mind, my tongue, my rosy face - precious things
succumb to scalding storms; and saliva burns
in my throat; and lips bitten and bled seep
ruddily down my face, and warm now tastes of metal and life.
i am charred and mad.  but my lungs breathe
with her lungs - my mind gasps for spoken air -
my feast - my flesh - my oxygen - how i need!
and the water does not feel as i reach splintering
hands into hell-cold blues, and maybe i sigh
with that too - the tide streaming and steaming
in supple gusts, in drums as my eyes roll
into my head; and lust and loneliness
are sprawled into my brain and body and it is all
with the tide, and the gentle siren’s song.
blistering ears sealed and secure, steadfast, and
she knows what i know and she wants what
i want, and i thrash...

#raincontest - winners announced

the deadline for my contest was two days ago, and i figured i wouldn't leave you in suspense any longer.  listed below is my chosen top three, and a paragraph describing why i selected each placer.  some of the paragraphs are longer than others, and that doesn't say anything about the quality of the piece - i merely had more to say about some pieces than others.  i included an honorable mention, whose sole purpose is recognition; it won't receive any prizes.  judging was incredibly difficult; i received 20 entries, and each was beautiful and impressive in its own way.  i wish that i could give each one the recognition it deserves, but i have the feeling i'd start loosing sleep if i tried to write any more reviews.  to honor some of the entries that didn't place, i included a list of some of my very favorite quotes.  and even if your entry made neither list, it doesn't mean...

i'm having a contest - #raincontest

i found this trend sort of annoying at first but i really need to start writing more reviews, and i realized that hosting a contest is an opportunity to give important feedback to people who deserve it.  so, without further ado, my first and perhaps only contest.


general: include #raincontest in the title.  i will read each entry carefully all the way through, like it, and leave a short comment.

prompt: write about something mundane or everyday (whether object or element) that symbolizes something darker.  you can go pretty much anywhere you want with this - be as creative as you see fit.  no word limit, so you can make your piece as short or long as you like.

limitations: poetry and prose are both fine.  however, i will not accept essays or works of informative nonfiction.  true stories are fine, but they should have similar plot construction to fictional works.  i’m looking for pieces that tell stories.


song recommendations?

sax rohmer #1 by the mountain goats
and i am coming home to you
with my own blood in my mouth

essentially depressing, lyrically fascinating.  the verses are so set in themselves until the chorus reaches, louder and more felt.  possibly heartbreaking but also simply existential.

bounce by the cab
this is it, call it quits with honesty
spat and spiteful.  it might be rock or punk or alternative, but the best label here is of spite.  nothing quite captures the heart of a song like the ferocity of emotion.

cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant
looking for the answers in the pouring rain
a song for the pouring rain indeed - gentle, pattering, and constant.  lyrics jumbled together like a memory.  guitars beat voice for the heart of the tune.

defeatist by eisley
i'm a defeatist but i don't have to be
breathy and weird - an interesting piece of music; the voice swings to falsetto unpredictably and the...

pondering nihilism with the devil by your side!

    i met the devil one afternoon.  he didn't look like much.  he told me i looked very pretty.  i told him thank you, although you couldn't expect much from someone who had no looks at all.
    "what's your name?" he asked.  he was very polite about it, all of it, and though he had no visual etiquette i almost thought i could almost see a neat set of hands folding into his lap; and a suit made of wool or cashmere that was draped finely across his shoulders; and other nice things, things you'd expect from a man like the devil.  but i think it was merely assumption, because when i really tried to glimpse such things i couldn't, and he remained solidly invisible.
    "amy stop," i said, in response to his question.
    "what did you say?"  (his face must have leaned forward politely with eyes confused and polite, although it didn't).
    "amy stop."  i enunciated.  he might have been...


i’m sobbing into the microphone
at maximum wage—how perfect,
how terrible.
stumbled on the stairs
what a blister: magazine cover
and genetic smiles on the groceries.
my air smells like lies and perfection
how it heals me, the pollution.
i lost my heart, shattered it somewhere
and everyone cried but me
with billowing lungs;
i died on the front cover one day—
phone rang like a song, and i smiled
because of how the world works.
how it works: it words. news, as always,
is swallowed.

= waterfall

when i was younger i
gave myself claws—
scratched a friend
up to the armpit
because he made me
mad—he said he was
better than me; worse,
that i did not make him
afraid.  i have always
been like a waterfall—
starts fast until it
freezes, makes mist
in the air, and one can
stare and wonder if it still
falls, if it has yet to
touch the ground (as
to that, i cannot be 
sure).  now people are
wintry, and i tuck a
shirt over my frostbitten
face and curl into corners
until the heat from chest
smothers the chill; my
sister told me: move in
the cold if you want to be
warm, but i stayed hidden
and still until winter would
pass.  i still worry i have
yet to hit the ground, and
i don’t know what that
would mean, but the
waterfall ought to stay
still forever, silent until
the winter turns it to icy
glass from...


you're beautiful (darling) i remember
when i told you these words i was inhaling
the blond tusks of your flaxen hair your
pretty pewter eyes in my hard solid
sockets and you wanted to kiss me and i
said okay.  you're precious (angel) i was
stuck in the molds of your symmetrical
skin since i saw you at first chiseled
cheeks in my shattered eyes staring like
you loved me and it was alright.  you're
fire (baby) and i'll stay warm rather
than freeze in the real world because
it hurts so much where everything is.  you're
sugar (dearest) and i'd eat you again
and again gnawing at your perfect face your
beautiful bones, as long as it  would take to
make you real
but i'm stuck
with poisoned neurons and bloody
eyes ready to stare, ready to
tear yours open with a ceaseless, with an
empty empty void.  (_) you're a lifeless
assessment of a world that
isn't there.

f r e e r e v i e w s (but only comment if you rlly want them)

i've only reviewed 2 pieces so far on write the world, and i realized that i want to be more involved in giving feedback.  so, without further ado, i'm introducing free reviews!
if you are interested in receiving a review, leave me a comment with the name of ONE piece, the url link, and the reason that you're interested in receiving the review.

here are the guidelines for commenting (make sure your piece matches all of them):

1. i won't review anything by asteria or RainAndSonder, just because i've already reviewed for them and i want to review for a variety of writers.
2. the piece that you want reviewed has to be, for the most part, grammatically correct.  that includes proper punctuation (lowercase pieces are okay as long as they're intended to be that way).  i don't really have time to go through pieces commenting on where commas should go.  i want to use my time for feedback instead. ...

for people who are inevitably more talented than i am

makes me feel like nothing &
everything—reduced to a human
again—tell myself everyone
loves me/will love me (except
the welts in my fingers) then
looking at flat paper—so
many possibilities in my
pen; staunched by clumsy fingers (red
& crisscrossed) so i crumpled up
the pages & laughed until i
cried.  they can’t hurt me anymore.
& i wanted to be troubled & a genius
in a perfect little way—my mind
reached longing arms into visions
of glory, praise, perfect drama &
i could be lovely, my fingers clean
—flawed & blameless, china doll with tear-
stained cheeks.  but i ached for those people
who made sculptures out of oxygen,
chipped graphite turned to anything
(but i am nothing & everything, my bitten
fingers printing blood on things i touch)
& they are better than i.  & maybe i’ve
cried till i’m laughing again.


the sun is set but all i see are the spaces between the stars

and i’m watching the blood
in the sunset—smothered red
(like the cuts in my toes from
rough pool corners or pink twisted 
shells on the fat spiky shore), sun
descending from a splattered ink
sprawl, the fiery orb going slow and
then fast in the impenetrable drop—
a waning disco, a clambering countdown
(like new year’s day, like every day
was a new year, gone again as the
tide washes the colors away).  
so it sets but all i see are the spaces
between the stars, smelling gory ocean
air hot as hellfire, feeling chapped lips
like burnt parchment as a tongue passes over,
tans like strips of cardboard that cost
raw salmon rashes.  “the sky is blue”
but the ocean is bluer, a hasty murderer that
sent salt spewing down my pinkened throat
and into the world inside, little mollusks
that burrowed into my wrenching stomach,
burning like the orb.  but the sun is set.  
so it is.

p u l l i n g m e a p a r t

yesterday my fingers prized apart
glassy sheep flesh, cerebrum cerebellum
brain stem fresh on shaking fingers
and we peeled away layer layer layer
inspecting fearing and maybe the madness
drove it too far—we quenched we quested
that lovely longing, forgotten crime,
and how i loved that scalpel.  i skewered
frontal lobe drove past memory smell
parental instinct landed with coordination
and pulled away dark veins, a tangled
vine smothered in milk muscle memory
love lust lore, my science my education
my pen my paper and writing but the
hand shakes with care with envy punctures
midnight into templates and all for science
all for wanting science.  five minutes to
lunch i am hungry i am sick hands cramp
to meat-searching talons and i wish i could
forget but it’s on my fingers on my palms
the noodles crush under teeth but maybe there are
neurons crunching under the spaghetti
and it throbs it squeezes under voluntary
jaws and i ...


but i would’t know, the black shields have
long clasped my drums past detection, that
little friend singing perverted messes into my
waxed-up canals.  and i’ve picked my fingers
to red sticks, crystal structures of blood and
soap, and outside i think the landfills are filled
and landed with pried off nails and shells of
fingers hanging like half moons on the mucky
mindless sky.  but i wouldn’t know; the sky’s
made of squares in these geometrical times
and so are the people—circle eyes and noses
of deep isosceles, but their stomachs still
sink and dry like oceans, curved continents
dying under lips of azure blue.  once upon
a time we were fat, and the starving always
starved, until we sought them out, rattled their
scrappy heads for beauty secrets.  so out were
lugged the lightning-green bills and the coins that
thunder minted, back to the square-ish storm
outside.  and zeus wasn’t so kind this time, and
no bread or fish need be...


    “I don’t know…”
    Eyes bored into a drooping scalp; face met foor, face met face met floor.  Hands shook in navy pockets.  Gray eyes stared. Lips were licked.
    Eyes raised (what bravery!), looked over shoulders––great angular masses, clefts like cliffs truculently cutting a still sky.
    Tacitly the two stared at the tiled flooring.
    “Sorry, anyway––”
    All was left, and as acquaintance walked away lungs burned and heaved, lungs punctured and puked.  Fingers massaged face, massaged bones and eyes red as sunset.
    Don’t talk to me don’t talk to me.

power outage // the day life was lost

i think you veins were made of electric currents, because
today the outage stifled my house, and i ate breakfast under
flashlights before hearing the news.  it meant nothing to me, nothing
but the greater circumstance, the jolting throb for someone
i'd never known before.  numb fingers on a steering wheel, the car
an empty cavern, and everyone thinking in unison about the
wonder in tragedy, the cosmos in the tears dripped and drunk
in the shortage of light.  first period, the translations of things––
video videre = see; pons pontis = bridgetears = down everyone's
faces and into the textbooks they just can't see
.  so class was
stopped and hallways were filled, filed with sobbing people clutching
one another like cliffs––the lockers were slammed, and for once
the pain of inanimate objects was felt.  science room darkened like
the outage that morning, and the crying people made a jagged circle
and spoke out loud...

goddess of earth

her face is little and leafy—hands smeared
in nit and grit, this and that, dirt and seeds.  she
is a rascal, minuscule mouse, and a goddess of
the earth, of ruptured cloth, soiled
smiles and wide sunshine.  she walks around things
and hugs at them—wide mother’s waist, buried in purple
skirts made of folds and playgrounds. little goddess builds
temples made of pink, and mother and father kneel
to worship, praying with crazy hands, and she kisses
them with wet lips and runs into the grass and rain.
tickled, dirt plastered to a soggy face, bubbly mouth
parted in whooping gales, she never questions, never
doubts the yellow of sun, yellow of life.

The Piano in His Ears

    The beetle struggled on the bathroom floor.
    Its thin and glossy legs asserted blindly forward, spindly, hopeless.  Maybe it wished for a scrap to cling, or even a boy’s outstretched fingers meaty for grabbing.  But it only lay on its back, black shell glinting prettily on the tiles. Troy expected little else.
    He too was lying with his back on the floor, the same floor, the grimy unwashed stretch prickling with cat litter and pocks of old shampoo.  Toilet paper lay in flowered rolls on the ceramic. An artificial mouse was pasted in the corner, muffled in old and silvery hairs. Its owner had been dead for years, but Troy had never moved it.
    The room was silent but for the whirring of a fan, Troy’s oxygen stirring the condensed and stinking air.  The world he breathed was hot and faintly soggy, swirling like steam on a parched tongue, and the humidity trickled down his forehead in clear beads.  He...

10:28 PM

and the room is clean and airy, cloaked in icy
darkness, but the fierce eyes of the alarm clock paste
pixelated numbers across the barren white
walls, a faint aquamarine creeping, stabbing through
lidded eyes, then a sleepy palm on a mismatched dial, and now
the radio sings, fractured paper voices warbling
over unsteady guitars, soft and sticky in clogged
eardrums.  10:28, and the rectangular grids of the
ending numeral shifting, one side blinking away, 9,
and then the tens wrigggle and sway, hour by
hour, day by day, while the radio rackets in sleeping ears.

a pondering of equivalence

summer = a soggy mirror, a slippery sieve
and joy = golden sand, lush as fruit, rapidly slipping
decreasing, silver and sterile, undergoing air, fading to
tear-shaped particles on a rough and rocky shore.
here = fact:
they tell me every day every week every year every
lifetime.  but meaning spins a vicious cycle, soaring high
into happy oxygen when the sky = cold, keeling into
barren earth as the sun = fat and warm.
“it = beautiful day” sing the birds the trees the belligerent
humans, a beautiful day brimming with the meaning
of life.  they love the sunny straps acquired on
shoulders on arms on legs, the pretty pretty grass and the
blue blue sky.
all for me: i sit down with the sun and
cry hot tears gilded golden by summer as sand pitfalls
through a glassy snowflake sieve.