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"ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which i will not put."

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i like latin and mangoes

Peer Reviews

Chapter 6: part I


this is a lovely and well-written addition to your series. it was a pleasure to read it, and i hope that you continue to write stuff like it in the future. if you have any questions about my comments, please ask! i look forward to reading revisions.

5 days ago

assimilation; a tragedy in six parts

PROMPT: Human Connections Essay Competition 2019

i hope you find my feedback useful to your piece. if you have any questions or need clarifying on any of my remarks, please let me know; i'd be happy to answer! this is a great piece and i was thrilled to review it. keep writing!

22 days ago

Back Pew Confessional


this powerful poem is masterfully executed as well as beautifully told. it has so many interesting double-meanings and comparisons that i reread several times. great work, and i'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. if any of my highlights or answers were vague or unclear, feel free to ask for clarification! i wrote a few of the highlights without properly editing them and if any of them don't make sense to you, i would be happy to explain. great work!

3 months ago

The Family That Steals Together Stays Together: Prologue


i'm so excited for this novel. it has real potential, especially with such an interesting premise. you make a great teaser here: i instantly want more! be sure to read the highlights for my specific suggestions, and the questions for broader thoughts about the piece as a whole. keep working on this great idea. i look forward to reading revisions & future chapters. make sure to notify me when such pieces are written! if any of my comments were vague or unclear, feel free to ask for clarification. i have a lot of highlights and i'm not sure if i got my point across in all of them. you can check with me if you're unsure about something. great work :)

4 months ago

My Dreams Now Have Wings


as i stated earlier, i love this poem, which works as a story as well as a song. your cleverness with words shines through here, creating a creative and suitable set of lyrics. great, great work. if you revise, please notify me; i would love to read! looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

4 months ago



as you may recognize, i used the highlight section to critique specific details in rhythm and admire certain lines, while the question section is more of an overview of what i think was done well and what could be improved. i apologize if any part of this review seemed harsh; as i’m sure you are aware by my like history, i adore your writing, and i wanted to take the chance to make this poem even better than it is. if you revise, please notify me; i would love to read! i hope you continue to use your marvellous gift in writing for more ideas in future, and i will always be sure to check out future poems and works.

5 months ago

utopia with a capital "u"


incredible job! your language is lovely and your ideas are relentlessly fascinating. i read this poem again and again. i apologize if i seemed at all harsh; i criticized this poem merely because i love it so much and i wanted to make it as great as it can be. keep writing forever because the world needs your creativity and intellect. if you do revise, be sure to notify me so i can read :)

6 months ago